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Adrenal Burnout & Cortisol

Adrenal glands are the small glands sitting on top of each kidney, they were created to counter stress in our lives, sympathetic nerve material is made inside the cortex, outside is where cortisol is made, most people I see in the clinic are running on adrenaline the emergency fuel instead of ATP The fuel Our Creator gave us as human fuel, we are not designed to live under sustained stress conditions, when we continue to run on adrenal for any given time we run the risk of creating many conditions such as;-

Depleted testosterone, raised estrogens and inflammation causing all inflammatory and hormonal health issues such as imbalanced hormones, arthritis, period pain, general pain, thyroid issues, High Blood Pressure, collagen issues, loose skin, fluid retention, low vitamin D, sinus, allergies and other auto immune diseases, diabetes, blood flow which effects heart, produces cortisol which activates fat stores creating obesity,

Excess Cortisol effects brain, focus, you end up with less tolerance, this is also caused by excessive thinking, trying to solve all your problems at once.

You may be living a healthy lifestyle but high stress/cortisol levels cancel out most of the good things you do so it is important to get your stress levels under control. Cortisol also affects sleep there are 4 levels of sleep, it is when we are in the deep sleep level that fat is burned. Also it is when we are sleeping that the body is repairing itself.

Accumilated stress can destroy adrenals, All stress can accumilate unless you relieve it yourself through massage, steam baths, relaxation, proper sleep, prayer and work on the parasympathetic nervous system which is the system for relaxation & calm., is there an off switch? the spinal chord can relive stress but especially base of neck and base of back just above tailbone; other issues with adrenal stress is salt craving because sodium is lost when cortisol is high other minerals are lost also so its always good to regularly take minerals from a reliable source, most cost effective way is to take a pinch of celtic salt when you drink water it contains all 84 minerals, also those with adrenal stress can crave acid foods because stomach acid is affected and chocolate craving is another sign because when stressed brain uses a high percentage of your body sugar but when this refined sugar is used can cause many detrimental health issues like destroying immune cells and feeding cancer, fungus & mould.

With long term stress you may also experience Chronic Fatigue, depletion of nutrients, in fact when you are living in a stress condition you use around 10 times more nutrients than usual, low libido because adrenals affect sex hormones, heartburn, allergies are also a sign of adrenal fatigue as are knee issues, tense muscles which will eventually lead to muscle breakdown especially major muscles like the larger leg muscles, this also leads to massive magnesium and other major deficiencies.

Walking is the best exercise for Adrenal Burnout; Many people overexercise thinking that this is good, i did this for years it didnt help my adrenals as it was producing more cortisol and i wasn't producing enough ATP.

We need around 4000-5000mg of potassium daily to help repair adrenals, most people think a banana or 2 will do, that is nowhere near enough, a banana may contain 50-100 mg potassium depending on how its grown, leafy greens, brassicas are high in potassium, eating those daily will help.

Working on adrenal acupressure points helps a great deal, using a genuine lavender, frankinsence, roman chamomile and other essential oil blends we have available in a diffuser or topically is a great way to relax, warm epsom salts baths regularly will help as this is magnesium sulphate.---**

Sunshine soothes the nerves and builds immune system, in fact the 8 health principles are essential read article on this website. Avoid stress and negative people as much as possible, walking reduces stress, Proper rest will help produce more HGH and the less cortisol you will retain, all these tips will also help produce IGF made in the liver to burn more fat.

This was only a brief description of what can happen to us when continually stressed read other article on this site also on adrenals there are a number of tests we can do to check your adrenal condition please email us with any questions.

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