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Juicing is used all over the world for a number of health enhancing purposes, 20 years ago i got on the same bandwagon, most times when people want to detox or cleanse or want an energy lift or for many other reasons, many people would say, why don't you just have juice for a week, that will fix everything.

Even some health centers would put sick people on juices for a week or more, the unusual thing is that many people would get great results and are at this stage over the moon with their new health success. Many people would continue this regime regularly over the course of their life not realizing that this could be the beginning of irreversal damage. Hear me out, some of you might be jumping up and down going juices saved my life and helped me lose weight or got me over cancer. I have seen some positives from juicing but rarely do i see anyone who has been on long term juicing totally healthy, in fact most people who are on long term juicing or juice regularly for long periods are always underweight and malnourished.

Note; i am only talking about long term and regular juicing, not the occasional juice. there are always exceptions to the rule.

In over 30 years of clinical work, i see a lot of things many of you wouldn't, i see people who's health improved temporarily just to have liver breakdown 9-12 months later because the Liver needs Protein and most other nutrients to Detox, there is not enough protein in juices. I have seen people die because they had a terminal disease and they needed nutrition and all they got was sugar from the juice. sugar feeds Cancer cells and fungal infection, this is well documented in health journals, juices are all sugar, especially fruit juice. I have also seen people who went for this fad and got permanent damage and now, cannot put on muscle or much weight..

This may sound negative but lets face the facts, i am here to give you the truth on health, God didn't make juices, He made real food with everything in it. As a matter of fact most Professionals would not put you on juices because they know the body needs something more.The good news is, if you believe this common sense article, you will be better equipped in the future. I am not saying, don't ever have a juice, i personally never have fruit juice for obvious reasons, i do have a little organic or home grown fruit and i rarely have vegetable juices, but if you do want a green juice occasionally, that's OK, and the better way to juice is to blend it don't juice it as you will get all the fibre and other goodness also.

Phase 1 & 2 Liver Detox

Let me discuss the Liver and how it detoxes, the liver is the master detox organ, when a chemical or foreign protein comes into the body it needs to pass through the liver for the filtering process, there are 2 main phases of detox, there is phase 1 and phase 2, Phase 1 begins the breaks down process but the toxins can become more toxic to the body because the toxin is not fully broken down, remember toxins are fat soluable so they need to become water soluable to be carried out of the body, juicing does not do this when we juice or fast or eat raw food diets, we are working on phase 1, leaving the toxin exposed to the body tissues and cells and floating around in the blood, this is why many people get a healing crisis, this is actually doing damage to the cells. Healing Crisis is not healthy as you may think, it is causing untold free radical damage which causes inflammation, which in turn causes disease.

What we need to stimulate is Phase 2, this process takes the exposed toxin and breaks it down into a water soluable solution so it is expelled by the body, this cannot happen without Protein or amino acids and other nutrients not present in raw food or juicing. By saying the liver needs protein, i dont mean animal protein, as a matter of fact animal protein can cause more damage to the liver and the body in general. If you do want to do a short juice fast, be my guest, just keep it short, one or 2 days maximum and if you do, include a protein drink 3 times per day, many people are damaging their livers by not keeping phase 1 and phase 2 balanced. read detox article coming soon.

Long & short chain sugars

Another point i would like to briefly cover is the sugars in the food that we juice, think about it, we are eating denatured food from shops, unless we grow our own and build up and repair the soil, we are in trouble, read soil article, even if you start a small garden or grow in boxes its better than nothing. When we juice denatured food or food with a low brix reading, the minerals are low and the sugars are high, this spells disaster, why do you think there are so many chronic degenerative diseases? what we need in food is the good sugars called long chain polysaccharides and long chain proteins, when we have high brix readings, this is what we will get, high minerals in the ground, high long chain sugars is what was meant to be for healing cells, so if you want to juice low brix food, this equals disaster, if you juice high brix food, this will be medicine, more details in my soil article and book. But what is superior is to eat the food straight from the ground without juicing, how good would that be?

What you need when you are sick is highly nutritious super food and it is safer if you seek Professional help, unless you know what you are doing, you can cause more damage and it can cost you more in the long run, i am not saying to let someone else control your health, you need to be in control of your health but just make sure you are on the right track and educate yourself, learn how your body works, its easy to learn about a product or food but how does your body work is the key.

I am aware many cant grow your own, well do your best, you can grow in boxes it would be cheaper than buying organic, that's the next option, buy organic. I hope this has answered some of your questions on juicing, comments welcome. TB/ ND

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