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Health Tips That will Make a Huge Difference to Your Health

1.) Drink only Energized, oxygenated water. The cells will recognize this and as a result your cells will be more hydrated to prevent disease.

2.) Snacking between meals. Many are saying that 6 small meals are better than 3 large. Research shows that this is not true. It is really common sense – a meal takes 3-4 hours to digest, then the digestion needs a little rest and time to prepare the enzymes, juices etc for the next meal. If a little snack is eaten before that time, the whole digestion stops to take care of the new food introduced and the old meal is actually fermenting in your gut. This can lead to so many digestive and other health issues! so meals should be around 5 hours apart. We do tend to overeat and if we don’t work hard physically 2 meals is better than 3.

3. Get some early nights. The good anti-ageing chemicals begin to increase at sunset and decline after 2 am. If you get to bed after 11pm then you are not receiving many good chemicals including melatonin which is an anti-cancer hormone, so try and get to bed by 9.30 if you can.

4. Get some sunshine daily. Sunshine produces Vitamin D and is anti-cancer. It does not cause cancer. Many melanomas people acquire are not from the sun. It is from the diet. I am not saying to get out and get burned! NO, again it is common sense. Get a little each day early morning or late afternoon without being in the sun for too long unless it is winter. Vitamin is produced by the sun and so is melatonin.

5. Emotional & Spiritual Health are vital for good health. Positive thoughts, love,forgiveness, joy, peace, contentment, praise and being happy are major immune builders plus raise body frequency quickly, Jesus is The Master Physician. He is The Problem solver, speak to Him. You may be surprised at what happens.

6. Exercise. We are made to move. If we sit in front of a TV or PC all day, we are risking our health big time. Do something daily, even if it is just walking – that’s better than sitting. It doesn’t have to be strenuous. In fact its better if it’s not too strenuous as long as you get your heart rate up a little.

7. And of course we can’t leave out nutrition. Nutrition is the fuel we need to make energy, build tissue and cells & repair tissue and make new cells every 120 days. if the nutrition is not in the food, then it is useless dead food. Well, guess what? Fast food, sprayed food, artificial food, processed and refined food is just that – dead food. The best thing to do is grow your own or at the very least eat organic.

a pinch of celtic salt is wise to take when you drink water as sodium is the transport system of the cells and the salt will supply minerals and help with hydration, no white salt.


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