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Tony and his wife Leigh are a great team. Our dream is to  serve you and educate you in all areas of Health, because your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health all affect your physical health in more ways than what you can imagine.


Tony’s story:

I have had a passion for Natural Health for well over 30 years. I began to read health books and also the Bible and found that the Bible had plenty to say about diet and health. I began researching if it is scientifically sound and if it fitted into our daily lifestyle. A few years later I found that these teachings were by far more advanced than any science about nutrition or anything else for that matter. Tony went to the U.S. in the early 1990's to do some massage and hydrotherapy training with a focus in nutrition, he came back to Australia to begin teaching what he learned. In 1995 he returned to the US to have a look at a few of their health centres run by doctors who followed the plant food lifestyle and the 8 keys to good health. Patients following these programs had many amazing results.


They treated most chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, to name a few, with great success. The experience of working with doctors who believe in natural health was invaluable in augmenting my understanding of the cause and effect dynamics of disease. I have continued to do ongoing research in these areas that have become of special interest to me:

  • Benefits of a plant based diet for you

  • How the right growing and preparation of food is important to your well-being

  • Soil nutrition/health

  • Emotional and mental health and how that relates to your every day health and success

  • How stress effects your health

  • Hoe diet & lifestyle effects your genes

  • How spiritual health effects your health & happiness

  • How forgiveness and love can build your immune system.


Over the years I have had Naturopathic clinics in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Grafton, Beenleigh, Lismore, Tweed Heads and presently in Murwillumbah.

I run workshops on:

  • how to get the nutrition back in your soil

  • diet/ nutrition

  • Safe detoxing for you

  • Emotional and mental health a solution for your life

  • The power you have in your hands through essential oils


I work with every client as an individual. For example I don't give everyone a total plant diet. I take many factors into consideration before I recommend a suitable diet or lifestyle for you.


I passionately believe that true health requires a wholistic approach and a commitment that includes such things as oxygen, proper rest, prayer, forgiveness, clean diet, exercise, temperance, cleanliness, living water, sunshine /light energy, contentment & true Agape Love heals you.

My wife Leigh and I live by the principles we teach as best we can. We love to keep fit. I do a little jogging, sprints, interval training, push ups, chin ups, boot camp and other beneficial exercises.


Leigh is an aroma touch massage therapist and a fantastic cook. We help run monthly vegetarian cooking classes in Murwillumbah or other areas if we are invited


Feel free to contact us at Lifestream Health if you have questions or if you want to book a seminar or any service we offer. You may also read our articles for more information.


The Bible says,“The life of the flesh is in the blood.” Leviticus 17:11 Our health depends on two critical factors; the quality of our blood and the circulation of that blood around our body.


Sincere blessings friends.