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Missing Link

The words missing link are used quite frequently in Natural Health but is it true? what does it really mean? a missing link is a molecule or part of or a full therapy that no one or very rarely uses in therapy, or something very few have discovered. Even though there are some amazing therapies out there and they have found a missing link, its not really the missing link unless it works or changes the body as a whole. We have had this missing link since Bible times but haven't really dug deep to find it. First of all let me say there is a Spiritual missing link and a physical, The Spiritual missing link is what many of us disregard and find no importance in Him, but He is The Source of Life, He is the source of Light, He is the source of Creation, He is the source of All Health, Jesus Christ The Master Healer, hear me out please!! We search for true remedies all our lives but we are still sick; When Jesus was on earth His Disciples were never sick, His Prophets were never sick, all who came to Him went away with complete Healing, ask Him to Heal you but there are conditions that we need to follow, no more self abuse through lifestyle, this is a topic I can speak about for hours. Now the physical remedy or missing link is vital because when you look at all therapies you don't see these molecules anywhere in most therapies, these molecules are the difference between life and death. These molecules are signature of Heaven. I wont describe it here as there is a video on this topic below, but the molecules are Phenols, Sesquaterpenes, Monoterpenes and hundreds of other molecules working together to produce healing and balance to your cells at a DNA level. 

The reason many supplements don't work is that the cell receptors are clogged from all the chemicals we use in the house on our skin etc. when the receptors are cleaned by the Phenols in special essential oils then the cell and DNA receive the right information for The RNA to make healthy tissue. Sesquaterpenes delete toxic information stored in our organs since childhood, this is crucial for healing and detoxing negative emotions. Monoterpenes then re-program cells at DNA level to re enter the right information as it was in the beginning, again this is crucial, this is what Counsellors try and do to their clients and sometimes this can take years through a psycologist and many can do a good job. So a therapy that can accomplish this would be a Godsend; but this is not all, our cells are vibrating at certain sounds or frequency. If the therapy has got a different key or frequency, it doesn't respond too well to healing, but the right music notes in the therapy can make all the difference to healing at cellular level as these special oils are exactly tuned and compatible with ours cells at DNA level. They have the highest frequency of any therapy, there have been many frequency tests done in the past by John Hopkins University & Tiano Industries. These therapies have Gods signature in them and the highest frequencies plus the 900 musical notes in clary sage and 300 in YL Lavender. If you ask other oil companies if they have these musical notes and molecules they could come up with around 5-10 notes and maybe 43 molecules instead of 300 molecules, your body needs a complete therapy otherwise the cells and DNA receive wrong information or incomplete information, when the molecules and music notes are complete then the cell has all it needs to begin the repair and build process. If you can find any therapy that can do the above you have the missing link, there is much more I can add here but this is meant to be a brief blog, hope this has helped and questions are welcome. You can try these oils but i would prefer that you let me help you through the process, its important to use these therapies correctly. DISCLAIMER - This is not meant to replace your healthcare Practitioner or classed as a diagnosis or Prescription for any disease. TB

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