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The 8 Health Principles

Nutrition – perfect nutrition began in the Garden of Eden at Creation, the water, air & soil were perfect for vibrant health, their food, their bodies were in perfect condition and absolutely no deficiencies in nutrition, they were twice as tall and twice as strong as we are now and lived for hundreds of years, this may seem hard to believe but according to scientists and archaeologists this was the reality 4000-6000 years ago.

We may not be able to get back to that perfect condition but we can have Great Health. We can grow food that is high in nutrition as the book “Soil Dead or Alive” instructs. The question we need to ask, Is your food your medicine or Poison? If the soil is deficient and unfortunately all soils are, then food is not medicine anymore, the key is to build up the soil to where it was 100 years ago, it had high nutrition, carbon, millions of microbes, worms etc. the chemicals today are destroying these little creatures in the soil, these diverse microbes are responsible for carrying the nutrition into the root and they do thousands of other jobs. Read book “ Soil Dead or Alive” this will help explain why and how to grow good food and what to use in the soil to build it up.

The original diet was plant based food such as fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, wholegrains, legumes, these foods have all the nutritional elements you need if grown the right way, the next best food to use is organic but this is also lacking so the more you grow yourself the better, Gen 1:29,30 & Dan chapter 1. Many people in the modern day cannot handle grains or legumes, the problem with modern farming is that they use high amounts of chemicals some people are reacting to the chemicals, some people are reacting to the Genetically modified foods, these can cause huge health problems including Cancer so steer away from sprayed food or GM food, and again some people react to the wheat or gluten, this is another huge problem as the modern day wheat is modified to gain more profits, its not the original seed, I would steer clear of wheat and use the ancient grains such as organic spelt, lucima, einkorn, mesquite, millet, buckwheat, quinoa etc. most of us can handle those better.

People are also reacting to msg, this is hidden in most fast food and packaged supermarket food under different names you may want to google that and get a list of other names for sugar & msg. Another issue is that if people are reacting to something if its not the food that’s the problem it is the body or detox organs overloaded and cant do the job of detoxifying toxins.

Plant food is the safest if not sprayed with chemicals and provides all nutrition if grown in nutrient rich soil, plants also have plenty of fibre which is vital for the gut and bowel movements where all animal products have absolutely no fibre and take a long time to digest which can lead to fermentation, constipation and bowel cancer in the long run. Animal foods are no longer safe because of the GM feed, antibiotic tick sprays, chemicals, the way the animals are treated & killed releases stress hormones into the meat, there are too many problems with meat & dairy, even organic, most animals carry disease. Animal fats and proteins can turn on cancer genes according to Professor Campbell who wrote the “China Study” a comprehensive 40 year research on animal foods and cancer. Other links;; ; China study; Dr Colin Campbell and so many other studies.

Exercise - The body is made to move. As we exercise our blood moves around the body a little quicker to deliver oxygen & nutrition to every cell & tissue. Research shows that mild exercise is best, like mini trampoline, walking briskly or gardening, hill walking also is good, TRX, pilates and there are many different way to exercise. Heavy exercise can be good in small amounts but you can overdo it, heavy exercise for long periods can produce lactic acid and free radicals, depending how good your mineral & oxygen levels are. You can get a personal trainer to put a program together to suit you if you are not sure, exercise is vital for a good circulation and has so many benefits.

Water or Hydration - Hydrating is one of the most important things you can do for good health, many health experts say that most disease is caused by dehydration, water is life, without water there is no life, water, hydrates, lubricates, makes cells and tissues more flexible, cleanses; we are made up of about 75% water, our cells are floating around in water and the inside of our cells contains around 85% water, we use water in our daily life even while we are speaking we use much water so we need to replace that by drinking at least 2-3 litres of pure, living, energised water daily, without any tea or coffee or anything mixed with it, as a matter of fact tea and coffee and soft drinks dehydrate you so does alcohol, sugar and many other man made foods and drinks.

What do I mean by living water? well when you think about it, even our water today is not really doing us much good, water like every living thing has molecules that should be shaped a certain way so the cells can recognise whats going in, we have what you call hydro pores on the cell wall, they recognise natures water and allows the good water to hydrate . Many people have been tested for hydration who drank 2 litres of water daily but were only 50% hydrated, they were drinking bottled water, town water, tank water, filtered water, RO water, distilled water, spring water these are all classed as dead water. However I can give you some tips to energise your water later.

In Nature, water was running down a stream getting far infrared energy from the sun, magnetic energy from the earth , it was running over rocks getting mineralised and oxygenated by spinning down the stream like a vortex, there are special ionising filters you can use to energise your water, you don’t have to spend thousands, beware some will try to sell you filters worth $1000 - $4000, you can get a living water filter for between $250- $600, there are other options like an ionic water jug, or an alkaline stick you can put in your water bottle and even a whole house water energising system with no maintenance; if you already have a filter and don’t want to spend any money then get some celtic or himalayan salt and as you drink water put a little pinch in your mouth this will help but it must be at least filtered water not tank or town water.

Sunshine - Sunshine is not the cause of skin cancer, sunshine is vital for life, sunshine is actually anti cancer when used in the right way, sunshine strengthens immune system, produces vitamin D, helps with calcium absorption for stronger bones, strengthens liver for detoxifying, helps brain produce melotonin for better sleep and is an anti cancer hormone, helps produce endorphins and other good brain chemicals. Research shows that 97% of melanomas were not caused by the sun, in fact many of the Islanders and Africans have not heard of skin cancer and many of them are out in the sun all day. Around 85 % of the western population are deficient in vitamin D. Slip, slop, slap is not working.

So what does cause the skin cancer you may ask? Well when you eat trans fats, oxidised fats, animal fats, junk food, chocolate, alcohol, the sun oxidises them and changes cholesterol in the skin to cancer over time; however when good fats are eaten the sun does what it supposed to do and that is change the cholesterol in the skin to Vitamin D as this vitamin is made from the right cholesterol.

Good fats - chia, olives, ev/cp olive oil, seeds, nuts, bio algae, coconut/ oil, avocado, tahina, legumes, wholegrains.

Toxic fats - all omega 6 fats and cooking oils are toxic and can cause cancer, fish oils and flaxseed oils are also toxic, this may surprise you as the ocean is loaded with radiation, mercury and other chemicals, the flax oil goes rancid as it is extracted;

animal fats, cheese, milk, cream, margarine, fried foods, junk food, stale food, these can be cancer forming when used regularly.

Temperance - What does Temperance mean? There is an old word for it which is Absteimeousness which means the abstaining of that which is harmful and the moderation of that which is good, so you see this moderation in all things is not what this means, in fact moderation in all things gives you a licence to eat junk a little at a time which could mount up to a whole lot and damage your body, of course you have a free choice but for good health it is best to have a clean lifestyle;

Harmful foods & drinks - tea, coffee, milo, chocolate, alcohol, vinegar , meat, dairy, yeast, fried food, sugar, soft drinks, sprayed food, GM food, processed & refined food, white flour, white pasta, white rice, wheat, msg, mushrooms, some soy products, fruit juices, anything that has been tampered with by man or not natural is harmful.

Good foods and drink - organic or home grown fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, wholegrains (except wheat) ancient grains, millet, buckwheat, spelt, quinoa, einkorn, lucima, mesquite, chia, herb teas, pure energised water, green smoothies, bio algae, carob, spelt pasta, tempeh, miso, sauerkraut, herbs like oregano, rosemary, garlic, cayenne, aloe vera, cinnamon, comfrey, turmeric and so many more, authentic & therapeutic essential oils

Air/oxygen - Oxygen is the most important element on earth, without it there is no life or no healing. Without o2 we last only minutes, without water only days and without food about 4 weeks, research shows that we are all deficient in oxygen, you may be surprised and ask why? Disease blocks o2 from reaching the cells, so does vitamin & mineral deficiencies, as does dehydration, as does stress and emotional issues, relationship issues also, shallow breathing, slow circulation, high body acidity , lack of exercise, airplane cabins only have 16% oxygen this makes it very dangerous to fly regularly, when levels get down to 16% cells begin to die, many cabin crew get skin cancer because of the lack of o2 and high cosmic radiation and the low o2 levels in the atmosphere has a great effect. Most of us have the above issues so we are all deficient.

Lets look at the o2 levels in our atmosphere; according to scientists and archaeologists the levels of o2 before the great flood around 4000 yrs ago were around 38%, now our levels are around 20%, there was little sign of disease 4000yrs ago their soil was good, their water was good and their oxygen levels were good, no wonder they could boast being twice as tall, no disease, twice as strong and live 10 times as long. We all need some kind of o2 supplementation, at Lifestream health we use pure essential oils to oxygenate the body or o2 drops and/or oxygen concentrator. See Lifestream Health ebay store.

Rest - To help balance our life cycle your body needs proper rest. A day of rest will help restore & rejuvinate your body, the yearly cycle works on the idea that the earth rotates around the sun, the monthly cycle when the earth rotates around the moon but there is no scientific explanation on how we get the weekly cycle, the only place you can find this is in The Genesis story of Creation, The Creator made the earth in 6 days & rested on the 7th day and He gave us a day of rest, that’s why some people go to church on a Saturday and do no business.

The idea is to have at least 8 hours of sleep at night because the good chemicals that heal the body begin to increase just after sunset and decrease after midnight so getting early nights is a great idea to help restore the body 9-10pm is a good time to get to bed. Many who work shift work are very difficult to heal because the endocrine (hormones) system is out of balance. Melatonin the main sleep hormone is manufactured by the Pineal gland in the brain when we get sunlight on our face and we lose it if we don’t sleep in a dark room or if we sleep in the daytime.

Trust in your Creator - He is The Great Physician, He is the Only One who can Heal you. Scientists are getting in on the act, they know that we are 5 dimentional creatures, physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, animals haven’t got that capacity, we are not animals, we didn’t come from an ape, the Creator Hand made us in his Own Image, He made us from the dust of the ground and formed us Himself.

They have forgiveness clinics in The USA for cancer patients, yes diet is important but the spiritual principles need to be dealt with before real healing can take place, unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, anger, guilt, shame these are issues that make people sick and die prematurely because they haven’t dealt with these issues, when a person is in this state, the body is secreting toxic stress hormones and will not allow the body to heal, on the other hand, love, joy, peace, hope, forgiveness, contentment, faith are some of the strongest immune boosters and also boost your body frequency.

Good Health is a complete package, you cant have good health while doing the wrong thing, we reap what we sow. The Fact is that Our Living Creator is The Source of Life, The Source of Health, trying to get healthy without the Source is like having a shop with nothing to sell. There are hundreds of Promises in The Scriptures that have set people free from many ailments when read daily, words are powerful, I was set free from Deadly Depression by just reading out loud some of The Promises. John 14:27 says “Peace I leave with you my peace I give you not as the world gives you, let not your heart be trouble”---------- Ps 3: 5-8 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths”-----

The fact is that there can Only be One Creator, there can only be One Jesus Christ who died for you and me then He rose from the grave, He is Alive !! No other God can claim that. He is The Great Physician, the Only Way to Real Health. These Health Principles are tried and tested to bring good results; God Bless you as you follow this health program, feel free to ask us any questions, drop us an email

Recommended reading for emotional & spiritual healing; - Feelings buried alive never Die By Karol Truman; Deadly Emotions by Dr Colbert; None of these diseases by Dr Mcmillan;

Soil and General Health ;- Soil Dead or alive; Is your food medicine or Poison by Tony Boutros ND

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