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Emotional Health

Our ability to control emotional expression and behaviour determines our emotional health. Knowing how to handle stress and controlling reactions over situation can reduce our anxieties. A good emotional health also helps us building strong relations with people and leads us to greater productivity. Yet most of the people take it for granted and worry to the point that it starts damaging their emotional health. Simple and healthy actions create a positive attitude amongst us and it provides the opportunity to live more fully through success and achievment.

Although, it is a challenging task to step into someone’s mind and allow them to feel something they are afraid to express. It is not necessary that you will not experience stress if you are emotionally healthy. It rather reflects how positively you handle stressful situations. Life is always challenging and full of surprises, but only those with good emotional health can handle stresses calmly and bounce back to become emotionally stable again after a period of stressful encounters. They take life positively and respond well to situations when it is stressful. Although it is often overlooked, but emotional health is very much connected to our physical health and healing and as we mentioned before, it is also linked to our success. No matter how devoted we are on taking healthy diet or a healthy lifestyle, our emotional barriers restrict us to achieve our body’s ideal healing and anticipatory powers and therefore we can suffer from distress more likely. In fact, emotional healing is often the best cure when everything else fails.

There are numerous techniques that can be used to improve emotional health and cope with anxiety and stress. Following these techniques could help you find out weak emotional links that trigger stress and negativity inside you.

- Friends and Family provide a strong emotional support. Make sure you have someone close whom you can trust in tense times. They make you feel more confident while handling problems and could guide you to finding solutions to the problem.

- Taking good care of your body is important and vital to your mental fitness. You feel better emotionally and physically when you are in a good shape. Regular workouts or exercises release powerful endorphins which essentially make you feel good and boost body energy. Even small activities directly affect your well being and such activities produce positive results.

- Taking proper rest is also essential to your emotional health. It is important to take at least 7-8 hours of sleep. It keeps you fresh, sharp and mentally healthy without the possibility of feeling tired or feeling unnecessary irritation thus being able to handle stress in a better way.

- Taking regular and balanced meals also helps keeping you emotionally and physically healthy. It is observed that people in stress often neglect or forget to eat or sometimes their busy schedules do not allow them to take a balanced diet. Moreover, this causes people to pay less attention to their eating habits which can contribute to poor mental and physical health.

Oxygen is a powerful healer, this is where exercise comes in, when exercising we breathe deeper, try and do at least 30 mins of light or heavier exercise daily depending on your fitness levels.

Spiritual health is sometimes avoided as it is the unknown and at times we are afraid of the unknown but really it is not difficult to pick up the Bible and read some of the amazing promises which give the spirit a lift and help our immune system, when we look at how anger, resentment, unforgiveness, bitterness destroy our immune system and our good brain chemistry, love joy, peace, forgiveness etc are actually immune boosters so it does pay to pray and seek Our Creator.

All these and many other factors can provide a good source of improvement to your mental and emotional health. Handling stress wisely is way better than being broken and emotionally suppressed all the time. It is necessary for you and others around you to be in a comfortable state so that a friendly environment grows in between and you feel more confident and energetic. see Master you life course, highly recommended for living to your potential.


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