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Why Brix Gardening?

The truth about high nutrition…

A sixty-year’ long study was performed that measured the nutritional value of the fruit and vegetables we buy to eat.

The first test was done in 1950, in Brisbane, and showed nutritional levels as high as 90%. The second test was done forty years later in 1990, at the same location, and results showed nutritional values down to 10%. That’s a drop of 80%, a significant and most unexpected reduction for such a short period of time. In other words, in approximately half a lifetime; the nutritional content value in our food has almost completely disappeared.

To further confirm this startling reality, a third test was performed in 2005, and the level of nutritional value dropped to an all-time history low of only 5%.

Unfortunately, given the path we’ve already traveled as a civilization, it seems the problem will only ever get worse, and soon our foods will be completely void of essential nutrition.


  • The immune, hormonal, and neurological levels of groundwater toxicity are seriously affected by pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides.

  • 67 million birds and almost 14 million fish are killed each year by farming chemicals and poisons.

  • Some pesticides used in conventional farming have been found to contain over 100 hundred toxic chemicals linked to birth defects, cancer, nerve damage, and genetic mutations.

  • Pesticides can be passed from a mother to her child in the womb, and can affect the nervous system while breast-feeding. Exposure to these toxins at an early age can cause development delays, behavioral disorders and motor dysfunction.

  • Commercial companies don’t profit by leaving nature alone. The profit by destroying it.

  • Larger corporations aren’t concerned about your well-being, because there’s more money made by disease than health.


In simplest terms…

Modern day farming is making our food more and more toxic because of the hundreds of chemicals used on crops. As these poisons are used, the beneficial microbes that give life to soil are totally destroyed.

Until these poisons are added, the soil is still alive. After years of spraying crops, the soil eventually dies, and becomes a graveyard instead of a natural living ground for plants and vegetation.

Living microbes actually feed the roots of plants and change certain chemicals from one form to another, acting like hard working transformers. However, when these microbes are killed by conventional farming methods, the plants grow in size and body, but miss out on this premium life force energy.

Although plants can still grow there, they lack the essential vitamins and minerals that provide us with the valuable nutrition we need.


Keeping the genetic code – DNA.

If life could be summed up in two sentences, it would be this,

  • Breaking the genetic code = disease.

  • Maintaining the genetic code = health.

DNA is the very blueprint we have in every cell of our body, except red blood cells. DNA tells our cells what proteins or materials to use as your body builds new cells and repairs damaged ones.

If those particular materials aren’t present in the foods you eat, can your DNA produce healthy cells or tissues? The answer is no.

Unfortunately, the DNA has no other option than to use whatever materials it finds in your body for production. If the right nutrients aren’t present, when your cells divide every 120 days, they’ll become weaker, sicker, and less efficient, which creates a negative health spiral.

On the other hand, however, if all the right nutrients are in your food, your DNA will use the good nutrition to make healthy cells, and your body won’t suffer degenerative diseases that are rapidly increasing in our world.


Do you know that anything you grow can be a super food if the right ingredients are put into the soil? It’s common knowledge that our foods are grossly nutrient deficient, which is part of the reason why we’re failing as a civilisation to stay healthy, despite all our modern research and technology.

Healthy living comes from nutritious plant foods

All that’s needed to reap the many benefits of nutritious plant foods is a balanced ground environment. This balanced environment depends on the proper state of the biology, chemistry and physics in the soil. And the best way to guarantee proper soil is to prepare it yourself.

When you prepare your own soil and make it nutrient rich, anything you plant in it becomes a super food. The reason this happens is because when you feed your soil what it needs, the food you grow in that soil provides essential DNA material for your cells such as LONG CHAIN Polysaccharides, amino acids, minerals and hundreds of other vital nutrients. These are the essential minerals that ensure optimal health and longevity.

Unfortunately, these vital nutrients are not available in shop bought foods.

How to guarantee rich nutrients in your garden.

By using a brix meter to measure the nutrients in the food, you’re able to accurately measure sugars which coincide with the amount of minerals and microbes in the soil. Low minerals will display a low brix reading, while high minerals display a high reading. It really is that simple to grow your own highly nutritious organic Brix garden.

Eating high Brix foods

When you eat fruits that don’t contain long chain sugars, you increase the chance of Diabetes, Fungal Infection, Cancers, and other degenerative conditions, because they are deficient in good sugars and trace minerals.

The good thing about good sugars (long chain) is that you can eat them to your heart’s content, because they won’t raise your blood sugar, nor increase or feed fungus or candida or cancer, but they will help repair your cells AND DNA.

If the DNA is healthy, you will be healthy and super food gardening will provide the essential nutrition needed for DNA repair, but it must be done the properly.

In conclusion, home grown super foods should be your daily medicine, and believe it or not, they are more powerful than over the counter supplements.

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