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Soil Dead or Alive?: Is Your Food Your Medicine or Your Poison?

Why We Need to Grow our Own Food!

FOR A START, it wouldn’t take much to halt our food supplies to the big stores, any catastrophe can stop the trucks from delivering food stocks, just remember the floods we had in late 2012 early 2013, roads were blocked, there was water in many areas on the east coast and along the main highway and many farms were affected, supermarkets only carry a few day’s supply of food at a time, so if something happened, supermarkets would be out of food fairly quickly; and remember most of our food supply comes from overseas, and in case you didn’t know what is happening with our food supply, we have a nutrition crisis as well, yes!! A NUTRITION CRISIS and some authorities will tell you that this is an alarmist comment but they have a lot to answer for, both them and the media keeping the truth from us.

Let me give you some facts:-

In 2012 there was a 14% increase in the use of toxic chemicals for crops. Before 1945 the nutrient content of the soil was 100%. In 1950 the produce at the Brisbane markets was tested for nutrition -remember the farming methods were very different then, they didn’t use NPK which I will discuss more later, they didn’t use the chemicals they use now – they mainly farmed the old fashioned way, dig it and dung it, the nutrient level in the food was around 90%. There may have been fewer nutrients in other areas at this time. The same test was performed around 1990, the nutrient level in the food was around 10% and in 2010 levels were about 5%. What do you think the nutrition levels in our food now in 2014? Very low!

It is well known the selenium levels in soils all over Australia are virtually zero. The levels of zinc, magnesium, calcium and other mineral levels are not much better.

In Australia over 50% of our food is imported from China and scientists have found hardly any nutrients in this food. Why do the Authorities allow this when we have thousands of acres of vacant land?

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