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Redox Signalling Molecules

Without these molecules there is no life; and there can be no detoxing; this amazing new research is taking the world into a new era of natural cellular repair and regeneration.

Hi I am Tony Boutros, I have been involved in Nutrition and Natural Therapies for over 33 yrs, this is the most amazing discovery I have seen ever and possibly the missing link to our health issues.

We don’t claim to heal or diagnose any disease but the body has been created to heal itself when given the right materials.

What is redox signalling?

If your house is burning down and you call a fire brigade and they dont get the right message from you or the right address, your house will burn down, our house is burning down and despite all the new technology and new drugs, chronic disease is escalating out of control, this does not need to be so. The brain is sending messages to every part of the body, these messages through neurotransmitters tell each part of the body how and when to perform its duties, eg thoughts, feelings etc. without messages or signalling the body wouldn’t know what to do or how to use nutrition and we would die, similarly the redox signalling molecules are telling every cell of the body to make ATP in the mitochondria and the synthesis of SOD and Glutathione the king and queen of antioxidants, they also signal the DNA or genes and immune system and other cells to perform their work of restoring body tissue to its original state.

The reason disease is skyrocketing is that the genes are sick, the signalling is drastically decreased and the oxidative stress is sky high. In other words there is a communication breakdown, auto immune disease for instance is skyrocketing out of control and we wonder why? well without proper communication or Redox Signalling Molecules the cells are confused and dont know what to do, so instead of the immune system protecting your body it starts attacking your tissues this is called auto immune disease such as lupus, arthritis, chrohn's, IBS, leaky gut, Hashimotos thyroid disease and so many other health issues, when the communication or signalling molecules are restored then your health will have a totally different picture.

The DNA tells the RNA to make new cells but the RNA can only work with the material its got available, lets face it our food supply is less than nutritious, so the RNA makes faulty cells because the signalling is not clear; if you were flying an aeroplane and you got the wrong signals from ground control it could end up a catastrophy, this is the same with the human body we are getting mixed signals because we are not living in harmony with nature. All Health issues are signalling issues.

Putting it simply, the Redox signalling Molecules are the communication Centre of our body and we dont make enough of them because of our polluted world and disease is the result of Communication Breakdown. By the time we get to the age of 60 & 70 we are only manufacturing around 20-30% of these RSM.

The major causes of disease are Stress, Toxins, Oxidative stress or rust, and inflammation, this is ageing us quicker than ever, without inflammation and oxidative stress there would be no health issues, the redox molecules target these oxidative stress issues by increasing SOD and glutathione by a whopping 800% according to independent research. I will give you an idea how effective these molecules are, after the age of 15-20 the body slows down in the manufacture of these most important molecules by the age of 50 we only make around 40-50% of these molecules we used to make that’s a massive 50% reduction, no wonder we desperately need these molecules. By the time we are 70 we only make around 10-20% of these molecules.

Another important point is that in this modern world our cells are hit with around 150,000 free radicals per cell per second and we have around 60 trillion cells so work that out 150000 x 60 trillion = who knows!! so we have to deal with trillions upon trillions of free radicals, from pesticides, sprays, toiletries, fuel, mobiles, computers, cleaning chemicals, food chemicals and it goes on, so you can see why some people just don’t recover with just plain supplements and anti oxidants. Some people recover well when they get Vitamin C injected or iv and that is huge doses like 30- 60 gms and is very costly, could cost up to $200 per injection and some people would need it a few times a week for a long time.

Vitamin A,C, E, selenium and other anti oxidants are very good if they come from high nutrition food but taken as supplements as you can see will only deal with thousands of free radicals at a time where the redox molecules increasing glutathione and SOD will deal with around 70 millions at a time so you see there is no comparison, and we are talking about the glutathione your body makes which is much more effective than a glutathione supplement

Another plus for the redox molecules is that they also target ATP synthesis, they stimulate the mitochondria in the cell to produce cellular energy or ATP, from the experience I have had in clinical work most of us are running on adrenaline instead of ATP, Adrenalin is an emergency fuel, when we run on emergency fuel for too long we will suffer the consequences and most times have a breakdown, The human body fuel is ATP. Most of us do not make enough ATP so its important we get our daily supply of RSM because ATP & RSM are connected and work together, when we have enough ATP we can heal better, detox better, have more energy, better digestion and all areas of our life will perform much better because all these jobs our body needs to perform requires energy or ATP.

Phase 1 & Phase 2 Liver detox- redox molecules are the most effective technology for Phase 1 & 2 detox, many people who do a detox are actually working on or stuck in the Phase 1 process only, this can result in liver damage and an overload of oxidative stress, the very thing we want to get rid of. How? When you work on phase 1 only you are partly breaking down toxin so they become more toxic, remember toxins are mostly fat soluable and need to be broken down to a water soluable solution so they can be eliminated by the detox organs by way of the feces, urine, sweat etc. Phase 2 breaks down toxins into water soluable solutions with the help of the liver so they are taken out of the body as mentioned above, when you do juice fasts, raw food diets, fasts and some other methods you are working on phase 1 alone and setting yourself up for serious health issues in the long run unless the right nutrients are taken such as amino acids and glutathione.

Redox molecules are phase 1 & 2 friendly because for phase 2 to do its work it needs SOD & Glutathione and this is exactly what Redox does producing 800% increase in these 2 major antioxidants and these are your own glutathione etc produced which are far more effective than supplemental glutathione.

Genes- Redox signalling molecules also target the genes that control the 5 major body systems like endocrine, inflammatory, digestive, cardiovascular/circulation & immune these 5 systems have a very high input in health or disease. So it seems that Redox signalling molecules have it all covered, is it too good to be true? We are happy to provide you more independent research and you can look up Redox signalling molecules under pubmed the leading medical hub for research in Australia.

I would like to put it this way, you cant build a house with materials only, you need materials and builders to use the materials; nutrition is the materials the body needs, redox molecules are the builders which put the materials together, everyone needs these molecules, this is the only redox supplement on earth, has 70 patents and many independant Laboratory research.

What about Athletes?

There are a number of world champion athletes who use this technology to get an extra 30% in their performance, a lady in her 70's is winning tournaments and athletes are recovering quicker also from injury and wear and tear, there are also athletes who have shaved as much as 4 hours off their tournament time and some doing 5 tournaments in 5 days that's a big ask but it is possible with the RSM.

This is able to work because above we spoke about adrenalin, oxidative stress and ATP, when you are creating more ATP (human fuel) you will use less adrenaline and you will obviously have more energy. Also as we know the RSM target the causes of rusting or ageing so the amounts of oxidative stress, free radicals are drastically reduced hence less lactic acid = no soreness at the end of a workout, this i experience after a workout at the age of 64, i do not get sore anymore while using this great technology.

Tony Boutros ND/ Nutritionist/ Health Educator

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