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Good Nutrition & The Cell

Good health begins with healthy cells and healthy cells begin with healthy soil and healthy soil depends upon minerals and hundreds of diverse microbes. Inside the middle of each cell is our blueprint , the DNA Helix, our uniqueness, there is only one of us. The DNA depends on high quality nutrition, more about DNA later)

I think the words Health or healthy are misused today, do we really know what its like to be in optimum health?? We think we do. When we have healthy cells and healthy DNA, what could go wrong with our health?? We are made to be in optimum health; pain, disease, sorrow, depression, stress and all these modern day symptoms we get are not meant to be, we think its normal, I guess it is normal to an extent because we are imperfect human beings.

This might sound crazy to you but it is true, it is difficult to get sick if we have healthy cells and healthy DNA, now the trick is to know how to keep cells healthy, its not as difficult as we may think, its all about getting back to basics.

There are around 7 trillion cells in our body, all different types of cells, such as hepatic, renal, adipose, epithelial, erythrocytes, CV, neurons, beta, different types of immune cells, sperm, muscle cells and so on. There are so many different types and they all have a job to do, we also have receptors or receptor sites, these are like doors or gates that let nutrients into the cell. It is important to put the right fuel into our body because these receptors know what fits and what doesn’t, in other words, every nutrient has a certain shape, like a key and if it doesn’t fit in the keyhole, we don’t get nutrients to enter the celland damage is done to the cell, this is important, because when we put the wrong fuel in a car it eventually breaks down, this is why so many of us think we have it right, but are still getting symptoms or disease.

As I said before, the body is very complex but a simplicity in diet and lifestyle is the key to optimum health.

Every cell has its job to do and without the right fuel the cells will not function the way they were designed to.

Symptoms are a red flag that tells us there is something wrong or out of balance, it is all about (balance) Homeostasis. We need to balance pH / acid/ alkaline, blood pressure, blood sugar, thyroid, hormones, neurotransmitters, nutrients and so much more, it is all about balance, but let me say if we give our body the right fuel, it will balance itself.

If we then think we have a balanced lifestyle, then why are we still out of balance?? The answer may surprise you later, I will continue with the makeup of the cell.

The cell is a complex unit, but so amazing, we all have microscopic factories inside every cell called organelles doing their job in silence without us realizing what’s happening inside of us.

Eg. The golgi complex:– processes, sorts, packages and delivers proteins and lipids to plasma membrane (cell walls) and other areas of the body.

Smoothe endoplasmic reticulum:– Fatty acid, phosholipids & steroid synthesis

Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum:- storage for newly synthesized molecules

Endoplasmic Reticulum:– provides surface area for chemical reactions; products are transported from one part of the cell to another through ER

Ribosomes:- the site of protein synthesis

Neucleus :– the center of the cell which contains our DNA, blueprint

Lysosomes:– inside are 40 different types of powerful enzymes, these enzymes digest bacteria, help immune cells attack microbes, recycle cell structure, digest cellular debris, aid digestion & many other functions. So you can see here why the right nutrients are vital for all these cell parts to keep doing their job.

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