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Oxygen; vital for the healing process

We can go without food for a few weeks; go without water for a few days but go without oxygen for only a few minutes.

Oxygen is one of those remedies that has been ignored or neglected; yet it has been researched by many scientists and recorded in medical literature as one of the most potent remedies in nature.

Oxygen in diverse forms has been used successfully in human health for hundreds of years but this is not well known as this product cannot be patented, thus it is not financially feasible to market something that cannot be solely under the control of a company or for someone to have sole marketing rights.

Oxygen is the most vital element required for life and a deficiency can lead to every degenerative disease, but adequate intake is paramount for good health. Oxygen is the life giving, life sustaining element. Scientists and Biblical Archeoligists have researched the atmosphere and life of humans over 4000 years ago before the great flood they have found that the oxygen levels in the atmosphere were much higher than we have now, in fact almost double the present oxygen levels, as a result there was hardly any sign of degenerative disease in those days and they were much larger in stature and lived much longer than we do; they also had pristine, energised, oxygenated water from their crystal clear springs and streams; they also had high nutrition soil and no pollution; these 3 basic elements are the foundation of good health, oxygen; pristine water and high Brix soil.

The oxygen levels in our atmosphere are not sufficient for optimum health, it has been depleted over the years by chemicals, pesticides, industry, motor vehicle fumes, electromagnetic radiation and other radiation, excessive animal production, methane gas and many other toxins that have found their way into our atmosphere over the years. Oxygen levels in our earth at the moment are around 24% in so called pollution free areas like the wilderness, national parks etc. the levels are around 21% in country towns and around 18% to 20% in super cities such as New York, Tokyo, some of the large cities in China and India; when oxygen levels fall as low as 16% cells begin to suffocate and die; when you travel on an airplane, the oxygen levels are around 16%.

All body activities require oxygen. The body generates heat and energy through oxidation and its fuel and evacuates wastes and harmful microbes. The water in our bodies is itself mostly oxygen by weight, we are therefore composed of over 50% oxygen seeing we are also composed of around 75% water. The most effective way to optimise health is to saturate every cell in your body with oxygen, the more oxygen in our system, the more energy the mitochondria produces and the more efficiently we eliminate wastes. So many of us think that if we flush out the bowels that is a detox, I must say that can help especially if someone is constipated and you need to flush out toxins quickly, but detoxing is more than just flushing, it is saturating cells with good nutrition, water, oxygen because as these elements go into the system the waste tends to be eliminated and when you build up and repair the detoxification organs like liver, kidney, bowels etc through oxygen, water, nutrition, these detoxification organs will eliminate toxins & do the jobs they were designed to do; on top of that, every cell when healthy will help eliminate toxins. You cant have a healthy cell and wastes together. Oxygen is central to respiration, metabolism, digestion, circulation, elimination, purification of the blood and every function of the human system, oxygen helps the body rebuild itself and maintain immune potency.


Oxygen starvation can be the greatest cause of all disease; Research by Dr A. Guyton MD wrote in The Medical Physiology textbook “all chronic pain, suffering and disease are caused by a lack of oxygen at a cellular level” Our bodies are experiencing oxygen deficiency daily. I tend to agree with the above statement because when I give sufficient oxygen to my clients I see a drastic change in their Live and Dry blood picture and many of them say they feel better also.

The following will decrease oxygen in our body - Our cells clumping together; rouleux, cancer, diabetes or any other health issues, including stress or even a cold, our body’s oxygen levels are decreased drastically, it also makes a difference how we breathe, many of us are shallow breathers instead of breathing deeply from the diaphragm, so we need to consider all the above and know that all of us probably need oxygen supplementation.

Toxic stress - we are subject to over 70,000 toxins we didn’t have to deal with 20 years ago, these contaminates can produce cancer, the body needs oxygen to help eliminate these from our system.

Stress/ Emotional - stress hormones are produced by the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands, these chemicals need more oxygen for elimination and to bring back homeostasis.

Low Brix food - does not contain the oxygen or nutrition needed for cell repair.

Bacteria, parasites, fungus - can place enormous stresses on the body as a whole and especially the immune system.

Environmental trauma - oxygen in our environment has been decreasing for more than 100 years because of tree and plant destruction including logging on a huge scale as well as air pollution.

Carbon monoxide poisoning - carbon monoxide has at least 150 times greater infinity for hemoglobin than the oxygen we breathe, it locks up hemoglobin and prevents it carrying the oxygen, the red cells carry the oxygen to every part of the body through the hemoglobin. Oxygen can remove carbon monoxide from the hemoglobin allowing it to carry oxygen to where it is needed.

How Oxygen works in the body - when I see the live blood of clients, most times I see the red cells clumping or sticking together, this is a sign of low oxygen levels because when the cells are stuck together they cannot move freely to transport oxygen to parts of the body that need oxygen; supplemental oxygen decreases clumping freeing up the cells to move more efficiently. When there is an oxygen deficiency the cell turns to another energy source, alcohol or sugar fermentation, this energy is not what your system needs, this kind of energy can create more undesirable chemicals because the cell is unhealthy and eventually leads to unhealthy immune cells which lose their natural ability, as a result there is an invasion of virus, fungus, microbes, this is the beginning of many health issues including production of cancer. A lack of oxygen can also produce lactic acid build up in a cell by sugar fermentation or alcohol, this lactic acid accumulates in body tissue and causes fatigue, acidity, sore muscles and many other issues. In the process of respiration, waste products are exposed to oxygen and they are burned up producing energy or heat, In our living organism heat is continually being generated through the chemical action of oxygen on carbon substances or sugars. When the blood receives sufficient oxygen to unite with carbon, carbon dioxide is formed in a suitable state to be eliminated. When there is insufficient oxygen in the blood carbon is incompletely burned producing carbon monoxide which is not eliminated too well.

As a result the system can fail to work efficiently and is run down. The body temperature is below normal, as a result it fails to protect against microbes and bacteria, the result is disease. Samuel West MD a scientist of Lymphology said that “its been proven that food present in cells without enough oxygen will turn into toxic waste and fat, the less oxygen in the cells the more pain we experience”. Oxygen kills harmful bacteria while allowing beneficial bacteria to thrive, this makes our body very happy. Science has yet to discover an anaerobic disease, infectious or putrefying bacteria that oxygen does not kill and without killing good cells or beneficial bacteria.

Cancer Prevention - we all know that diet, clean water and high nutrition food, certain herbs and essential oils as well as peace of mind all help in Cancer prevention; but oxygen is one of the main prevention tools for all disease, in fact Dr Otto Warberg, Nobel Prize winner, said that “Cancer has only one prime cause and that is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of cells by an anaerobic (lack of oxygen) cell respiration”. Once the cell drops to a 16% level of oxygen, the cell is forced to switch to an inferior method of energy production, which is anaerobic fermentation of sugar (alcohol) producing carbon monoxide and lactic acid. With a fraction of the normal cell energy and aerobic oxidation.

The cell can never return to normal energy production but will continue to produce copies of the sick, anaerobic cell which in turn leads to cancer cells. Cancer cells cannot proliferate in an oxygen rich body says Dr Warburg. He also said that it was useless to look for new cancer treatments because they overlook the main cause which is oxygen starvation. Many other researchers have found this to be true. Dr Linus Pauling another Nobel prize winner said that all disease can be traced back to a mineral deficiency; Sang Wang said that most disease was an overload of acidic waste. Dr Batmangelid said that dehydration was the main cause of disease.

Well, it seems as though we have 4 different opinions, or do we?? Well these experts are all correct because oxygen levels, dehydration, low minerals and high acidity are all linked; how? If we are deficient in minerals or alkaline minerals our acid levels will increase, (low brix soils/food); if we are low in minerals we will have more chance of dehydration even though we drink the recommended amount of water, as a result of those 3 points combined and everything in the article above we will have low oxygen levels, so summarizing what I said at the beginning of the article; for optimum health we need oxygen, energized, oxygenated water and high brix gardens for nutrition content; they are all connected, just like the body doesn’t work independent of the brain or any other organ, we are wholistic creatures; mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and of course social.

What kind of oxygen is good? Is all oxygen equal?

Many people use Hydrogen Peroxide thinking that it is a magic bullet; well the body makes natural hydrogen peroxide and I would prefer to let the body use its own chemicals that are made naturally; Hydrogen Peroxide is ok to use externally but when used internally can destroy some beneficial flora and body cells & tissue, it is not in its natural state. Peroxide is an unstable bond, pure hydrogen peroxide will explode if heated and can result in nasty burns to the skin, it is also used as a propellant for rockets, bleaching agent and deodorizer, that’s why the homegrade is only 3-6% diluted with water. The chemical structure H2O2 looks identical to water but the properties are so different, it has been known to actually blow up submarines. Not recommended for human intake.

Ozone - the atmosphere contains only a small amount of ozone around 0.6 ppm, it also has a potential to explode, Ozone is O3 or trioxygen as some call it, it is used for industrial purposes for oxidation; ozone can also be used in minute amounts to purify water, It kills microbes but has a negative effect on respiratory and mucus functions in the body damaging cells related to those areas, this is not ideal for oxygen treatment or supplementation.

There are many mineral and oxygen liquids on line and in health food shops, some may benefit to some degree and for hydration and mineral deficiency but I haven’t found them to be effective on a large scale or for serious disease.

01 or singlet oxygen - seems to get into the cells and unclump red cells and seems to have a great effect on all cells and help hemoglobin carry oxygen to where it is needed.

02 Oxygen concentrators or 02 Hyperbaric Chambers - are excellent sources of oxygen; these units make their own 02 and purify it by taking the oxygen out of the atmosphere and separating the nitrogen from it, you are left with 93% pure unadulterated oxygen, there are different concentrations of oxygen from 2 litres per minute to 10 litres per minute. For more information you can speak to the ICANT team; Beware of imitations, there are many cheap systems out there that use concentrated air, which will not give any benefit but can be toxic because the client is breathing in toxic air. I hope this helps in giving you another tool in your toolbox, but as you know there is no magic wand, ultimately it is about a complete lifestyle and this article wasn’t meant to heal or diagnose any disease, it was written for your information.


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