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More Important HEALTH TIPS

Ginger, garlic, lemon, ceyyenne pepper, manuka honey are great remedies to have on hand, these are just a few small tips on what these herbs can do. NOTE: all herbs work much better when they are home grown or organic.

Ginger is great for circulation, digestion, immune system etc. Garlic great for circulation, immune system, heart, arteries, it is an anti viral, anti fungal among many other benefits Lemon helps adjust pH, anti microbe, immune boost, digestive aid, cleansing.

Ceyenne Pepper is a powerful herb for the heart, it opens arteries, helps bring down Blood Pressure, great for circulation and stops bleeding, can also stop a heat attack.

Manuka Honey is an anti bacterial, anti microbe. Onion is anti bacteria , anti microbe, anti viral.

Mixture - You can make a Brew out of these herbs: put all ingredients in blender with about a liter of water, blend, then strain store in a glass jar in the fridge, take a Tablespoon daily for maintenance or for cough, cold or flu, take 1 TBSP every hour or 2.

This is just a tip, if you have a serious problem you need to see your Practitioner, you may need some super foods or other supplements.

Snacking - We are constantly being told that 6 small meals a day are better than 3 big ones. First of all our digestive system is not made for grazing, it takes 3-4 hours to digest a meal and then the body needs to prepare the digestive juices, enzymes etc. for the next meal, if we eat anything before that 5 hours, the digestion is disturbed and begins its work on the new food introduced, so the food it was digesting ferments, causing bowel gas and a toxic build up. This happens over and over, eventually this fermentation can cause irritation to the bowel, loss of beneficial bacteria, leaky gut, retarded immune system and even cancer in time.

Dr. Thrash from Alabama, did much research on this topic: a camera was inserted in the body, the stomach was seen to be empty at the time, after the first meal they saw that the food was being completely digested without the snacks, the next meal was taken and 2 hours later a peanut butter sandwich was given, it took 9 hours for the first meal to be digested, then they tried two snack through the day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, the result was that there was food still in the stomach 13 hours later.

This is not good for the body to have food in the stomach while you are sleeping. It is best to empty the stomach before starting the next meal. This experiment was performed regularly for a few months so a number of people went through the process with the same results. Two or three meals a day with no snacking is best for optimum health, only drink energized water between meals.


1-2 TBSP of cold pressed olive oil with 1-2 TBSP of fresh lemon juice taken just before bed or first thing in the morning on empty stomach to unclog bile ducts, great for detoxing


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