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Detoxification; Is there a safe way??

There are so many ways to detoxify the body but are they all safe? That’s the big question.

Fasting, juicing, enemas, colonics, coffee enemas, raw diets, fruit diets, junk free diets, spend thousands at a detox retreat, sea water flush, hundreds of different detox kits and supplements, hydrotherapy, saunas, steam baths and so many more methods. Some of these methods are good and can be a part of a detox program but not complete in itself.

Lets go through some of these methods quickly;-

Self diagnosis and assessment can be good if you know how your body physiology works, many times we do things because other people are doing them, this is no reason to do something that may effect your health & maybe do some major damage and sometimes permanent damage.

Professional assessment and monitoring is essential for the serious detoxification client.

Eg. Fasting is a common one, Fasting has absolutely no scientific or Biblical foundation for getting well or detoxifying anything. many people think if they fast with just water or juices they will cleanse the body. Well, there may be some truth in this method, but first of all some people quote scripture to prove their point, well, if you read scripture, Jesus didn’t tell anyone to go and fast if they were sick, He said pick them up and feed them, but fasting was done for those who were not sick and to get closer to Their Creator to clear the mind and it was done with prayer.

Why fasting can be detrimental??

Well, first of all, if the person fasting is weak or lacking in nutrients, (that would be almost everyone in 2018) their vitality will decrease even further, especially when there is low nutrients in the juices, which is highly likely, and when you starve the cells and the liver, they will not do their work of detoxifying. It is the organs like liver, kidneys, bowels, skin, immune system that do the detoxifying and eliminating, they need to be repaired before they will do their job effectively.

They need Amino acids, anti oxidants, minerals, oxygen, glutathione, B Vitamins and thousands of other nutrients. You put the good in and the toxins come out, I am talking high quality, nutrient rich food and supplements not basic over the counter supplements or commercially bought food. Toxins cannot stay in the cells or tissues if your cells contain high nutrition & oxygen. Good Body Environment = good tissues & cells; high nutrition = low wastes. We need to consider absorption of nutrients also, in many cases we see that nutrients are not being absorbed by clients so we need to repair that mechanism through digestive enzymes, prober bowel flora ATP production, mitochondria stimulation etc.

Another factor is that if a person has Diabetes, Fungal infection or Cancer, they are getting too much sugar from the juices which feeds those diseases, especially if the food is low in nutrition, low nutrients + high sugar= danger.

When you juice, what is thrown away? The most nutritious part of the plant, fibre and nutrients, you are left with water and sugar. But many say aren’t raw foods and juices packed full of enzymes? Not so, as we chew our food the enzymes in the body are stimulated in the saliva, pancreas, gut Hydrochloric acid and other digestive organs to help digest our food; High nutrition food has certain chemicals that protect them from being eaten by bugs but not so much digestive enzymes, if so the enzymes would break down the food, there are, however enzymes in fermented food such as sauerkraut, miso, tempeh, these foods are easier to digest as proteins are broken down for easier digestion.

As a matter of fact, raw food is very difficult to digest for some people like the elderly and infants because of lack of enzymes in their system, some food is better steamed as you will get more nutrition out of it. E.g cabbage & cruciferous vegetables need to be cooked otherwise the goitregens can lead to thyroid problems. Fasting for one or 2 meals for 1 day can be beneficial to give the digestion a break, if the person is strong enough, some people prefer 2 meals a day which is a good idea as going without the evening meal is very beneficial, this will give the digestion a well earned rest and give the body a chance to repair., you will also sleep better and activate the fat burning mechanism.

Why do some people feel better??

Some people will feel better for a while on a juice fast or raw food diet because they are changing their way of eating, and if you were on a junk food or anything short of a natural lifestyle, when you fast, you will feel better for a while because you are eliminating harmful items of food but liver begins to break down after 2 or 3 days without nutrition, and after 6-9 months your liver will be in crisis mode because you haven’t fed it with the right nutrients. I have seen this over and over in the last 30 years of clinical work.

Some people experience a healing crisis and they have been told that is good.

What is happening is that the body is producing too many free radicals because the toxins cannot be expelled quickly enough because they haven’t been broken down into a water soluable solution to be expelled by the body they are still fat soluable, they need to be broken down into water soluable solutions to be carried out of the body; toxins are Fat soluable, healing crisis is just that, a crisis, a process where the body is causing more damage.

This is a brief summary of how the detoxification process works; We all need to work on Phase 1 and Phase 2 Liver detox pathways (p450 enzyme/ conjugation) because phase 1 breaks down the toxin partially and the toxin becomes more toxic, more dangerous so those doing juice fasts and fasting are not completing the detox pathway, juicing, raw food diets are just working phase 1 pathway, the toxins are not eliminated at this stage;

The next stage is Phase 2, this stage breaks toxins down into water soluable solutions to be eliminated through bile, bowel, liver, kidneys, skin, if this stage is not stimulated then you will have serious problems down the track, hence fasting, juice fasting, raw food diets etc do not detoxify completely. There are no scientific facts that these methods work, they can be a part of a good lifestyle program only.

So the message of this brief article is to get all your high quality superfoods, pre and probiotics, amino acids, minerals, anti oxidants, EFA’s, glutathione or better still redox signalling supplement which promotes your own glutathione production which is superiour to glutathione supplements and the body will detox itself. That includes high nutrition food, preferably home grown. There are so many additives even in so called health foods so you need to be vigilant for other names for sugar and msg. If someone is constipated or they need to evacuate quickly, then by all means you can use enemas or colonics, but we need to train the bowels to work without any help.

What are we detoxifying?

There is more to detoxifying than just flushing bowels or liver, you need to detoxify, chemicals, pesticides, fungus, EMFs, radiation, cells, bacteria, virus, emotions, blood, drugs, vaccines, parasites, liver, kidneys, lymphatics and so many more microbes, so when we just flush the bowel and take some liver herbs this will not cover the list I have here, it is a whole lifestyle adjustment, you cant detox all this in 2-4 weeks, it is better if we do a permanent daily detox by building up the system & not so much flushing unless in emergencies, it is also best to get an assestment of what toxins you have in your body and get a program to suit you. There are many tests that can be done, like hair analysis, live and dry blood testing , neurotransmitter test etc. the normal medical test will not show toxic overload unless you specify what you want looked at.

Certain herbs or supplements need to be taken for fungal infections, parasites and other microbes, it is best to get support from a Health Practitioner to help in elimination of these dangerous toxins. A proper detox needs monitoring by an expert.

Some symptoms of toxic overload.

Headaches, migraines, fatigue, tiredness, mental health issues, fuzzy head, poor memory, poor concentration, lack motivation, nausea, dizziness, palpitations, Chronic Fatigue, stomach pain, leaky gut.

Psychologist, William Walsh PhD is now working with many mental patients using 80-90% less drugs and using nutritional biochemistry balancing and he registers 90% success rate, around 55% of mental issues are toxic overload or oxidative stress overload in the brain, he uses nutrition balancing with high amounts of anti oxidants, however every mental patient has a slightly different protocol.

Leaky gut

is often an issue with toxic overload, you cannot heal leaky gut, mental disease or most other health issues fasting or juicing, it will probably make the problems worse in the long run. Leaky gut occurs when parasite, fungus, chemicals occupy the gut and eventually damage the gut mucus lining, as a result undigested food is found in the blood then the immune system responds because there is a foreign particle in the blood (undigested food) there is then an immune/ inflammatory response this can lead to allergies and all sorts of auto immune disease; the gut lining needs to be repaired, the mucous lining gets damaged daily so you cant repair gut and then forget it, there needs to be ongoing care for the gut and the body as a whole.

100 million cells die per minute they need to be replaced, if we continue to detox the wrong way by fasting and starving the body how are those millions of cells going to be replaced, regular fasting and juicing therefore can cause permanent damage, there are many people who have persisted with this practice and now cannot put on weight or build decent muscle. If you feel like a liquid diet for a short period by all means make a green smoothie in a blender and add some protein powder like pea, rice, or carob protein do not juice it you are throwing away the best part of the fruit or vegetable. Put a bit of aloe vera gel and a comfrey leaf, slippery elm in it for mucosal gut repair.

The detox methods I mentioned at the beginning can detoxify the body too rapidly and this in itself can be fatal as some people have died because of high concentration of oxidative stress or toxins being released into the bloodstream too quickly, this can happen with some of the above methods such as coffee enemas, juice fasting and water fasting.

An unhealthy cell cannot reproduce healthy cells because it cant eliminate toxins, on the other hand a healthy oxygenated cell eliminates toxins easily, so you see the best way to detoxify is slowly by building up the cellular nutrition then the body will do what it is meant to do.

OK then! What do we need for proper detoxification?

Well, like I said we need to build the detoxification organs up so that we allow them to do the work for us. The Creator has designed our body to heal itself, the only reason it doesn’t heal is because we haven’t given it the right substances. To build up the system , first you need to cut out all junk food, meat, dairy, msg, refined sugar, yeast, wheat, chocolate, processed foods, white flour products, fried foods, mushrooms, alcohol, tea, coffee; read the ingredients, there are many names for sugar and msg, google it, you may be eating msg & sugar unknowingly.

Eat all whole food, We need all nutrition available to us and sometimes that means either growing our own or buying only high quality supplementation, there are no shortcuts to good detoxification. Some of the nutrients needed: - high quality SOD, Alpha lipoec acid, glutathione, Vitamin A, C, E, Zn, Se, minerals / ormus, Magnesium, B complex, Vegetable Proteins, sauerkraut, poltices, certain essential oils, high brix garden, oxygen supplementation, hydration with energised water, bio algae superfood or other combined supergreens, farinfrared sauna, steambaths, hydrotherapy, aids in gut lining comfrey, aloe vera, cayenne, turmeric, slippery elm and other home grown herbs.

Not all food and supplements from health food shops are actually healthy, ask questions.

This is only a brief list and not meant to be a specific program for anyone as we are all different and need different approach, if you are not sure then consult a health care practitioner don’t take risks as detoxifying the wrong way has caused many serious health issues and even death in some instances. Remember proper detoxification needs to be monitored by an expert, drugs have reactions, nutrition reaction is detoxifying, in other words you can have a detoxifying reaction to good nutrition but it cannot be overdone but when you have a reaction to a synthetic substance or drug this is not detoxifying it’s a reaction to the chemical.

One of the best ways to stimulate phase 2 the easier way is to take Redox signalling molecules, (please read redox signalling molecules article on this website)

Many people are stuck in phase 1 and have real problems getting rid of the toxins.

Benefits of a complete detox program - build and repair gut flora/ immune system, build detox organs such as liver, kidneys, bowel, restore HCL and digest enzymes, repair all cells and organs, eliminate mucus, parasites, fungus and waste build up, flush lymphatic system, repair leaky gut/gut lining, clearer mind, better memory, more energy, cleanse blood, restore peristaltic action of the bowel and should eliminate most or all of your symptoms, this process can take 9 – 12 months or more with some people and then you need to stick with a clean lifestyle, a total new way of thinking and living but your body will love you for it and you will enjoy your life more. Proper detox is a daily occurence, we are being bombarded by trillions of free radicals every second on a cellular basis do you think a 10 day detox will be sufficient? it needs to be regular tha'ts what as i said above the detox organs must be supported daily, and daily lightly steamed criciferous vegetables will aid the liver to do its job as will MSM, organic garlic and onion also.

The most effective way to detox is to clean receptors with genuine essential oils with Phenols and Sesquaterpines, these will not come from any commercial brand oils, contact us for genuine oils; build cell membrane with fatty acids like Omegagize coconut oils, olives/ oils, by cleaning receptors nutrients can now enter the cell and toxins must leave, this is Gods way of detoxing you do not have to force toxins out unless in an emergency.

Lymphatics - lymphatics also need to be cleansed, you can consult a massage therapist who knows how to cleanse lymph, beware many just try and massage it out, it needs to be pumped out gently not by force, cellerciser and brisk walking is good for lymphatics also, chi machine is also great, heavy exercise will not cleanse the lymphatics it can create increased free radicals and lactic acid, hope this has helped, I am happy to chat if anyone has questions or see your healthcare Practitioner hopefully he will cover all the above points.

Detoxing Emotions and Spiritual Darkness - This is a most important topic I can only discuss briefly right here, when we carry resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness and are not aquainted with The True God, the Creator and Great Physician, our brain is on constant stress alert, producing stress hormones which are only meant for fight and flight, when this happens constantly our cells are constantly being hit with free radicals and toxic chemicals, we need cortisol and adrenalin in small amounts but constant exposure will lead to serious chronic disease even Cancer.

When we are stressed and not at Peace the Hypothalamus in the Brain releases CRH then the Pituitary releases ACTH then that sends a message to the Adrenals to produce cortisol & adrenalin, this should send a message back to the brain telling it to stop producing these stress chemicals this is normal stress cycle but the problem is that some people who haven’t detoxed their emotional and spiritual issues have these chemicals constantly floating around in the body which produces disease.

On the other hand when we have peace, joy, love, contentment, laughter, forgiveness and all those good traits we produce endorphins which help heal our body increasing human growth hormone by around 75%. They also boost the immune system.

Proverbs 17:22 a merry heart doeth good like a medicine; the writers of The Bible knew this thousands of years ago.

Proverbs 17:22 a merry heart doeth good like a medicine; the writers of The Bible knew this thousands of years ago.

When Alcoholics anonymous began in the 1940s or 50s they had 90% success rate because they acknowledges Jesus Christ as The higher Power but when they dropped His name and just used the term higher power the success rate dropped to 25%, so it is important to include the Master Physician Jesus Christ in our healing and detoxing program. If you want a proper detox program and stay monitored please contact us at


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