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There are many different types of Arthritis, we will look briefly at the most common forms of Arthritis:

Ankylosing Spondilitis - is a painful and progressive rheumatoid disease involving the spine and the sacro-iliac joints. The basic lesion is synovitis leading to calcification of the spinal ligaments. It is more common in men than women.Bowel infections are associated with AS, eg. Salmonella, Shingella etc.

Gout - is charactarised by an excess of uric acid crystal salts that crystalize as a result of improper protein metabolism and also high acid foods such as meat, dairy, alcohol, refined foods etc. Gout mainly occurs in the big toe, fingers and at times ankles but can occur in any joint of the body. Most people with gout are obese or overweight and this is obviously due to high sugar, saturated and trans fatty diet.

Herbs like rosemary, thyme, comfrey, aloe vera, tumeric, garlic,vegetables organic or home grown is best, will help reduce inflammation and repair the cells. Energised water will help alkalize & hydrate the body. i will give an overall solution for Arthritis at the end of this article because they are all similar acidic diseases with a slight difference.

Osteoarthritis - usually found in elderly people, develops as a result of the constant wearing away of the cartilage in a joint as a result of constant pressure on joints through overweight or overuse such as in sport, and of course constant bad eating can wear away joints through high acid foods.Cartilage is smooth, soft tissue which covers the ends of the bones around the joints.It provides a smooth surface for the bones to glide on, allowing easy movement of joints. Cartilage can become thin and disappear through years of overuse and malnutrition, when cartilage wears away the rough surfaces of the bones rub together causing pain and stiffness.

Osteoarthritis usually effects the weight bearing joints such as the hips and knees, symptoms include body stiffness and pain in joints especially if weather is damp, in the morning or after strenuous activity. Cartilage can be rebuilt over time, despite what most medical professionals say, provided we give our body the right materials to do it, this is easier than what people think.

Rheumatoid Arthritis - effects the whole body, including the immune system, not just one joint or two. Onset of the disease is often triggered by physical or emotional stress; however poor nutition and bacterial infection are likely causes. RA destroys the cartilage and tissue in and around the joints effected and often the bone surfaces as well. The body replaces damaged tissue with scar tissue, causing the spaces between the joints to narrow and fuse together, leading to pain, swelling and stiffening. Symptoms include pain, swelling, stiffening, fatigue, weakness, anaemia, weight loss, fever. These symptoms often disappear and return at a later date.

Solution - There is a Natural solution for almost everything, that is, dont get the disease in the first place, we all have a choice of how we live, what we read, what we watch, how we think, how we speak, how and what we eat and drink, all this effects our body for the better or for the worst. OK! now that i have given you a mini sermon let's see what we can do for this debilitating disease.

First of all avoid anything that's not natural, that will poison or damage your system and highly acidic food and drink such as, meat, dairy, coffee, chocolate, alcohol, yeast, processed food, white flour, pastry products, wheat,sugar, soft drinks, ice cream, cheese, junk food, etc. Drink , energized water,(look at living water article on this site) this will hydrate and ease acidity problem. Minerals, celtic salt will also help hydrate your cells. Diet high in green vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, wholegrains/ millet, quinoa, chia seeds, EFA etc. legumes such as lentils, beans, sourdough bread no yeast. rice and oat milk, saurkraut, home made sprouts, kale, comfrey, aloe vera, organic or home grown is best, coconut oil, organic olive oil, olives, spelt flour, different coloured vegetables, tempeh, millet, quinoa. Pure essential oils are a potent remedy but they must be from the native country.

SUPPLEMENTS Recommended - unfortunately our world/ soil is very deficient in major nutrients, hence all the chronic disease, we do need supplements, Bio algae superfood is the most nutrition dense food on earth, has over 15000 nutrients, nothing compares to this, F2 & F3.

Monoatomic minerals, without minerals there is no life, these are the most conductive on earth. We recommend a monitored, safe detox program to clean out wastes and keep them out then the body can heal quicker.

We recomend pure therapeutic essential oils ask us about which combinations, it is difficult to give an overall program but we treat you all as individuals and we all have individual needs.

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