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What type of water are you drinking?? Is it hydrating your cells??

Water, water everywhere but is it fit for drinking? Is it making you sick? Let me begin by going through the process of water in nature, how it was meant to be.

The purest water comes from snow, if you see a molecule of snow under a microscope it is shaped like a crystal, keep that in mind because everything has a molecule or shape, even water and if it is not the right shape or chemistry it will not hydrate you but will damage cells, same in nutrition, the food has to be totally natural otherwise it is sick food.

Getting back to the water in nature, comes fom the mountans and flows down a stream, hopefully unpolluted, as it is flowing down a few things are taking place, the far infrared rays from the sun are energising the water, as it flows down the rocks the water is getting enrgised by the magnetic energy from the earth and gathering some minerals from the ground, which keep it slightly alkaline, the sand filters it and it doesn’t come down the stream in a straight line, it flows and it spins, giving more oxygen and negative ions, so you see, this is oxygenated, energised filtered, mineralised, LIVING WATER.

As soon as we store it in tanks, pipes, bottles and if it is stagnant, it is actually sick, dead water, it is not H2O, it doesn’t hold oxygen. Without oxygen disease thrives.

We need to have this Life Giving Water otherwise we will suffer the cosequence of disease in every way.

EG. Apart from all the dangerous chemicals used in our water supply, which may cause heart disease and cancers, what are the symptoms of dehydration??

MILD—dry mouth, thirsty loss of appetite, dry skin, dark urine, fatigue, tiredness.


Heavier breathing quicker heartbeat, decreased sweating and urination, increased body temperature, headaches, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps and spasms, skin shrieveled up vision blurry, confusion, abdomen pain unconsciousness, all these symptoms can lead to serious disease of every kind.

Many experts have said that dehydration, pH imbalance and mineral deficiency is the cause of all disease, big statement but one of them was Linus Pauling who won The Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1954.

In my 25 years experience I have found that also and cannot but agree with him.

There are many options to get living water for some options have a look at living water article and systems on my website.

There are more options on the way.


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