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Rainbow Technique Massage

  • 1 hour
  • $75 - $85
  • selected venue

Service Description

A massage can seem like a true luxury spend… A real indulgence… All for you... A special time when you can just forget everything… Let thoughts drift by… Focus on nothing but the rhythm of your breathing… And the scent of essential oils. But when you consider ALL the health benefits... The effect on relationships… Plus your increased focus and productivity... It’s not just an indulgence… It’s also an INVESTMENT. Here are just some of the proven health benefits of massage; - Improved heart health - Improved circulation - Lowered blood pressure (with benefits lasting for up to 72 hours) - Reduced stress (with up to a 30% reduction of the stress hormone cortisol) - Improved mood (with an increase in serotonin of up to 28%) - Boosted immune system. - Pain reduction (due to increased feel good endorphins) - Improved sleep (with associated benefits for wider health) - Improved skin condition - Reduced depression - Increased energy (a side-benefit of improved circulation) - Reduced fatigue (through the stimulation of deep cells) - Emotional balance (through stress relief and feel-good hormones) Massage therapist Leigh Boutros offers 4 different aroma touch massage therapies, with focus on; - Relaxation - Balance - Homeostasis - Anti-Inflammation Using 8 essential Oils, in 4 combinations; - Lavender & Balance - Melaleuca & Onguard - Aroma Touch & Deep Blue - Peppermint & Wild Orange So for a wide range of lasting health benefits (and some well deserved indulgence) book your aroma touch massage today. (Studio or home call appointments possible)

Contact Details

+ 0400 020 059

Crystal Creek/Murwillumbah, NSW 2484, AUS

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