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The whole house solution for better tasting, better for you energised water.


Energised / structured water is now being widely recognised as the holy grail of water solutions and the Home Edge Kinetic Water Energiser uses advanced technologies and quantum physics to provide you with endless supplies of delicious tasting, energised water.


The Home Edge from Healthy Water Technologies Australia is a revolutionary ‘whole home solution’, providing your family with the softest, healthiest water to your taps in the kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, fridge, toilets, outside taps and wet bars. It is a maintenance free, toxic neutralisation device which utilises cutting edge water enhancement technology. And it will never require costly filter replacements.


Scientific research h as proven that energised water promotes better health and wellbeing. Energised water is known to help eliminate toxins in the body, facilitate more rapid and efficient h ydration a nd n eutralise fl uoride an d chlorine deposits that are inherent in most supplied water systems. It is also great in the garden because it’s faster and more efficient hydration will save time and water and it will give a real ‘lift’ to your family pets as well!


Water Energiser/Oxygenator features:

  • The whole house solution
  • Healthier plant growth
  • Delicious fresh taste
  • Removes 99.2% of CHLORINE
  • Removes odours
  • Faster and more efficient hyrdation
  • Helps remove calcium deposits from plumbing
  • Enlivens recycled and dealinated water
  • Neutralises heavy metals and toxins

Water Energiser/Oxygenator

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