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The 5G Ultimate X1 Pendant is the very latest in Blushield Portable EMF Protection. Chain is provided.


Enhanced with Blushield’s proprietary formula for today’s EMF environment, the X1 Pendant is the same strength as the T1 Portable and the W1 Portable. The X1 Pendant offers an alternative to those who do not have pockets and cannot wear watches at school or workplaces and those who want an attractive pendant combined with effective EMF protection.


Made from premium zinc alloy, this model is next level in quality, covered in a thick layer of protective chromium.  With its own USB C cord to enable the best charge time, use any standard mobile adaptor or computer to charge.  Portable protection when out and about away from your home B1, U2 or C1 model.


  • Coverage 3m in every direction
  • Size 50mm x 50mm x 11mm
  • Weight 49g
  • Comes with charging cable



Ultimate X1 Pendant - EMF Protection device

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