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The Ultimate Cube C1 model comes in a blue alloy case that is table-mounted via a soft 3M pad.  The Ultimate Cube C1 model protects an area of up to 120 metres in every direction (240 diameter sphere) and is suitable for use in high 5G environments.  Like the Premium Cube and Premium Ultra models the C1 has Blushield’s proprietary formula enhanced and boasts a unique delivery system unlike previous model versions.  Its effectiveness is unparalleled to anything on the global market.


Created for 3G, 4G, 4G+ (lower 5G) and 5G. The Ultimate Cube C1 can be used to protect whereever there is high-powered microwave radiation from wi-fi or other related microwave output devices including mobile phones, cordless phones, routers, transformers, solar panels, antennas, 5G arrays, and dirty electricity (dirty power) which permeates our homes and buildings today as these unwanted radio waves run along potentially all electrical wiring.  Ideal for high-density high-EMF environment living, office spaces, factories, hospitals and schools.


We recommend purchasing an Ultimate Portable U1 to carry with you when away your home or workplace ‘bluzone’.  This will maintain being in the coherent Blushield field.


If you have been suffering from EMI – Electro Magnetic Illness – for many years, commence with the B1 Ultimate Cube.

Ultimate Cube C1 - Very High EMF Protection

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