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Energised / structured water is now being widely recognised as the holy grail of water solutions and the Travel Edge Kinetic Water Energiser uses advanced technologies and quantum physics to provide you with endless supplies of delicious tasting, energised water.


The Travel Edge from Healthy Water Technologies Australia is a ‘go anywhere, anytime’ water energiser that delivers soft, odour free delicious tasting energised water on demand wherever you are. Ideal for use when travelling, boating, caravanning and is the ideal solution for renters or just about anybody who simply can’t live without immediate access to and endless supply of fresh, healthy energised water wherever they may be.


It is a maintenance free device that never needs costly filter replacements. Scientific research has proven that energised water promotes better health and wellbeing. Energised water is known to help eliminate toxins in the body, facilitate more rapid and efficient hydration and neutralise fluoride and chlorine deposits that are inherent in most supplied water systems.


Simply attach the HWTA Travel Edge to any shower or tap anywhere, anytime and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the sweet taste and feel of safe energised water. Live water that tastes better and is better for you.


So if you’re a person on the go, renting an apartment, caravanning or boating or simply can’t live without access to your favourite energised water where ever you may go then this is 
for you!

Travel Water Energiser features:

  • Removes 99.2% of CHLORINE
  • Removes Odours
  • Go anywhere, anytime
  • Delicious fresh taste
  • Neutralises heavy metals and toxins
  • Enlivens recycled and desalinated water
  • Faster more efficient hyrdation
  • International travel especially when the local supply is suspect
  • Caravan and camping

Travel Water Energiser

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