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The Vitamin C Shower Filter. You’ll notice an increase in the volume of suds and lather with soaps and shampoos. The water has a lighter, silky feel to it. Softer water allows moisturizers to penetrate the skin more deeply. It reduces colour fading while it improves the texture of damaged, dry or colour-treated.



  • Works great with both mounted and hand-held shower head designs.

  • Not affected by water temperature, water quality or water pressure.

  • Very easy to install, DIY no plumber needed on any standard shower head fixture and easy to change the cartridges.

  • Attractive see-through housing for the universal vitamin shower filter cartridge which allows you to actually see your filter working, and know when your cartridge is due to be replaced, approximately 15,000 litres with a water saving showerhead or 3 months.

  • Sleek ABS chrome finish which ensures you won't have to sacrifice looks for functionality.

  • Make the water softer while the Vitamin C filter neutralises 99.99% of the chlorine in your shower water.



Vitamin C Shower Filter

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