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"Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food"

Tony Boutros

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Tony Boutros - 

Over 35 years experience in Nutrition and  25 years Clinical Naturopathy.

Over 35 years of Health knowledge too good to Hide

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Safe Detox:

Detoxing begins in the cell, most detox programs only cleanse the bowels and sometimes the liver, but if we dont begin with the cell, then its not a proper detox; you also need to repair the system also; the toxins and EMFs do the damage but most detox programs do not repair the effects of the toxins;  We believe in detoxing not just the bowel, but also the liver to get rid of parasites, chemicals, fungus, candida  EMFs and then repair the leaky gut which toxins have damaged in the first place and of course re-populating the bowel flora. Some people do more damage because they only do one part of the process. Talk to us and begin your detox program.