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The Power of The Ancient Oils

Essential oils are the most powerful oxygen and Nutrient transporters known, they have the highest levels of oxygen molecules of any plant, they are the life force of the plant and 60-70 times more potent than herbs. they are also the highest in frequency of any Natural therapy.

Essential oils were the first medicine used way before herbs or drugs, Prophets and Priests of The Old Testament used them, Moses used Hyssop for the plagues in Egypt, protecting the Israelites from the scourge of infection. The Wise men gave Jesus Frankinsence & Myrrh at His birth, these oils were regarded as more valuable than gold. David also prayed for God to purge him with Hyssop, Hyssop oil is a powerful neutraliser of negative and destructive emotions.

Myrrh is mentioned over 150 times and Frankinsence is mentioned over 50 times in The Bible, the virgins were bathed in these oils before being presented to Kings. The therapeutic effects of these oils have been known for the most time over 4500 years; why don’t we know about them? We wonder! Frequency of pure essential oils range between 52 – 530 MHZ, these frequencies are compatible and in harmony with our body and work with it, rather than against it. Disease begins at 42 MHZ; Cancer = 42 Htz; Optimum frequency for humans = 60-70; most humans today have a frequency of about 52-58 MHz; Rose oil is one of the highest frequency = 320 Htz.

All the above statistics only apply to pure oils, there are so many oils on the shelves and most of them haven’t got the frequency or the actives, in fact 99.9% of them are toxic when taken internally, only one company worldwide owns their own farms and distills onsite,they are also the only company that has approval from TGA and FDA for internal use of oils; this makes them very safe and effective.

They also have a clinic in Idaho USA for injecting cancer patients with these oils, this obviously cannot be done unless absolutely safe.

They are great for diffusing and most can be taken internally. The fact with oils is that they need to be grown in pristine soil, they also need to be grown in the ideal regions of the world, they need to be extracted so that the actives are not lost and they need to be used the right way, very few oils meet these standards, for instance the if lavender is grown in Australia or other countries, it is not the same lavender as from The French Alps, they would have different actives and frequency.

Frankinsence needs to be from middle east/Oman, the melaleuca needs to be from Australia and all the oils need to be from their native country. I have noticed a difference in results using different oils over the last 25 years in the clinic, the right oils will get results sometimes immediately depending what you are using them for.

These genuine oils are distilled for 1 hour using low pressure and low heat, most oils are distilled for 15 mins using high heat and high pressure this will destroy many actives so the oil loses its potency as a therapy.

Essential oils have been used for skin care, anti ageing, serious emotional issues, moods, hormones, headaches, tumours, cancer, pain and so many other ailments; Essential oils generally contain anti fungal, anti parasitic, anti bacterial, anti viral, anti microbe, anti cancer, properties.

Microbes double every 20 minutes, viruses and some bacteria have now built up an immunity to drugs, research has shown that not 1 virus has built an immunity to essential oils. Viruses and Bacteria are killing millions of people all over the world and they are out of control. Ebola, Streptococcus, Staph, water born virus and bacteria, food bacteria, mad cows and many more. Killer flu killed 20 million people and this is only up to about fifteen years ago so we can guess that many more millions have been killed since.

Essential oils are natural antibiotics also anti oxidants. The oils push heavy metals out of the body because of the high oxygen content. Some hospitals in Europe use them as a disinfectant, we are a bit behind. There were 210 bacteria tested and it was shown that essential oils used as an air freshener in a spray bottle or diffuser killed all 210 bacteria, chemical air fresheners do not do this.

When the body is out of balance the cell receptors are clogged so nutrients and oxygen do not penetrate cell wall, the use of pure essential oils will allow the passage of nutrition and oxygen to penetrate cell wall by cleaning receptors, that way deficiencies begin to disappear and detox takes place automatically, 9 Cancer Patients were tested in Europe, when certain essential oils were used all 9 were in remission. By diffusing pure oils they are transported to the limbic system of the brain within seconds.

The Limbic system is the part of the brain where moods take place, also where stress hormones and good hormones are made, Limbic system is the command centre of the body, the Pituitary, Hypothalamus, Amygdala, Hyppocampus, these are all part of the Control Centre. these oils go deeper than any other therapy the can deprogram negative emotions and reprogram good information to restore cell frequency.

Frankinsence when diffused or placed on temples has been shown on a scan to increase oxygen, endorphins & neurotransmitters, also its been shown to build antibodies therefore building immune system. Limbic system showed more activity around the synaptic space meaning more neuro-connections and of course entering through the blood brain barrier. More connections means healthier brain, healthier nervous system.

Frankincense, Lavender, Sandalwood have been used for Parkinsons; there are reflex points on the ear, when you rub certain oils into certain reflex points this can relieve emotional trauma, hearing has been restored by rubbing helichrysum into the ear reflex point, helps heal nerves & neuro-connections; there are also reflex points under the feet certain oils have been rubbed under the feet for relief of sinus, headaches, digestive issues and a whole list of ailments.

There are certain actives in the oils that do all the hard work;- these are just a few of the main actives; Phenols increases oxygen, d-limonene, linool, terpines, monoterpenes, terpinols, sesquiterpene highly effective in killing fungus, cancer cells, also effective as an anti inflammatory, antiseptic, oxygenation, lymphatics, memory, pituitary, enters blood brain barrier. Cedarwood is the highest in sesquaterpines, also Myrrh, Ylang Ylang, Melissa, Sandalwood, Helichrysum.

Some of these actives also clean the cell receptor so the nutrients can be absorbed many of people are taking supplements which are not being utilised by your body because the receptor sites are clogged when you unclogged these cells more nutrition is absorbed.

Lavender, orange peel oils, have been used for cancer prevention, lavender, roman chamomile are powerful anti allergenic, citrus bliss = high anti-viral, oxygenator; Cardamon, Peppermint, Rosemary for brain, clarity, memory. The good thing about oils is that most of them have a scent that can take you to another place, beautiful aromas in your home or office. There is so much more we can write about the results we have had with therapeutic oils, I hope this gives you an idea that there is a powerful natural remedy out there without the side effects and remember if its not a genuine oil, it may not work as well as it can, cost and smell can be an indication, some pure oils are very affordable and when it comes to Frankinsence, sandalwood, Melissa, Helichrysum, rose, they can range between $18 - $300 per bottle for a genuine oil, the good thing about oils is that you are only using 1 or 2 drops at a time so they can go a long way, beware of imitations. I am happy to do a demonstration or seminar in your home or office and to take any questions.

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