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Diabetes is virtually unknown in poorer nations because they havent got the luxury foods that the western world has eg. refined foods, sugar, coffee, dairy, meats, alcohol etc. and they haven't got the luxury of overeating, and snacking as we do. One particular part of the world, the Marshall Islands never heard of Diabetes before the 2nd world war. The US tested the largest bomb in the south pacific, in march 1 1954, it devestated many of the islands around the area, most of all the Marshall Islands, they decided to sue the US, they won millions of Dollars in damages, what does a place do with all that money out in the middle of the Pacific? well, they started to import food, processed food, junk food, a few years later they began to notice an increase of diseases they never had before, now 30% of the population over 15 years old has diabetes.

Diabetes can cause or is associated with many health issues such as, heart disease, high blood pressure, neuropathy, amputations, kidney disease, effects brain function, eye problems including blindness, dehydration, circulation, lack of oxygen, lack of feeling in extremities.

Research of the old Ejyptians shows that they had Diabetes, arthritis, cancer and many of the modern diseases, but the Israelites who also lived there at the time didnt get these diseases if they followed a certain lifestyle. In Exodus 15:26 says "If you will diligently hear the Voice of The Lord your God and do that which is right in His sight and hear His commanments and keep His statutes, I will put none of these diseases that I have put on the Ejyptians for I AM The Lord that Heals you" So there was a certain lifestyle that keeps us healthy and it is also valid today, we know this from science and research. In genesis 1:29-31 also gives us the original diet for mankind, and if you have a look at Daniel 1 He followed this lifestyle and was proven to be the wisest and most successful man in Babylon.

Lets have a look at what is Diabetes and what causes it. Diabetes is what all disease is, damaged DNA, what damages DNA? wrong diet and lifestyle, lack of oxygen, lack of minerals, dehydration etc. Diabetes is really a lack of insulin to keep the blood sugar balanced. surprisingly, it is not caused by too much sugar alone, but the combination of simple carbohydrates (sugar) and trans fatty acids and animal fats, these fats actually block the receptors or doors on the cell so insulin does not work and chromium which helps bring down blood sugar cannot get into the cell. Obesity drastically increases Diabetes, the bigger you are the bigger the chance of Diabetes, the fat in your body is not just sitting around doing nothting, it goes rancid very quickly, that means the fat in your body is oxidising which makes it more dangerous. What about sugar and the immune system? the more sugar you eat the less your white blood cell work, sugar makes your immune system drunk, we all need every white blood cell to be healthy to protect us against any foreign proteins in your body.

So if we continually block our receptors with the wrong fats/ trans fats and animal fats, and we continually have our simple sugars which raise blood sugar quickly, then we are wreaking havoc with our pancreas and every part of our body. Trans fats are the margerines and the fried foods and the hydrogenated fats and oils which are adulterated, heated and changed, margarines chemistry is very close to the chemistry of plastic, i know i will not eat plastic. The only oil i would ever use for frying is extra virgin olive oil & coconut oil, now dont misunderstand me, are there good fats? Certainly and they are essential, good fats include, avocado, tahini, seeds, nuts, organic olive oil, coconut oil, olives etc.

Caffeine and alcohol are two of the worst stimulating drinks you can have, they do a lot of damage to the nervous system which is already damaged through Diabetes and also they damage the liver which is also already compromised and the also block insulin receptors on the cell.

Stress is another huge factor in Diabetes, stress effects every cell in your body and if it is Chronic or continuous, the insulin will not be as effective as normal and every cell in your body will be effected, including the beta cells of the pancreas which help bring down blood sugar levels.

Animal fats not only cause a blockage of insulin receptors but the can cause cancers, and many other diseases, meats, milk, cheese, seafood eg. shellfish prawns, oysters, crab etc. these are scavengers and are highly toxic, many people get food poisoning from seafood alone, these fats do not agree with the human anatomy, we need to associate pain and misery to these foods, they are also very difficult to digest. Milk can actually mimick the ani bodies in the pancreas or Beta cells so that the immune system can attack the pancreas by accident when milk is consumes, also see The China study is also one of the longest studies done on animal proteins and fats by Dr. Campbell.

Dehydration is one of the major causes of Diabetes or any disease, people drink all kinds of dehydrating drinks such as soft drinks, alcohol, coffee and think they are hydrating, well the only thing that really hydrates is living, energised water, the way it was in nature, even bottled, filtered, distilled , tank water does not hydrate as well as we need, look at the living water article on this site, everything has a molecule and if it is not the right shape, it will not benefit the cell. Any water is better than none but if you want maximum hydration you need to drink energised water. A good super mineral and celtic salt will help hydrate , minerals are essential for life.

Exercise is a must for Diabetics as it increase the receptor sites or doors for insulin and other important nutrients on the cell walls. Exercise also increases endorphins, serotonin and other feel good brain hormones, essential for healing other parts of the body. Prayer is also a powerful tool for good health even if you dont believe, when Jesus was on Earth He healed everyone who came to him, He is alive today, just ask. He made your body.

A Plant based diet is essential for good health provided it is organic or home grown & balanced then you will have sufficient nutrients in your food, learn to grow your own, see soil health article. Fruits, vegetables seeds, nuts, legumes, wholegrains, properly grown and prepared will provide the nutrition needed for good health. Look at some of the strongest animals in the world, ox, horse, giraffe, ape, elephant etc they eat plants. Humans eat second hand plants from the animal. Look at the China Study, the biggest study on animal products ever researched by Professor Campbell. plant based diet began in Genesis 1:29 also Daniel 1.

Supplement recomendation - Bio Algae superfood / F3, monoatomic minerals, energised water.certain pure essential oils,Prayer..Remember we can help you with an individual program, not all programs are for everyone, contact us if you need help.

Other important factors - Detox program, probiotic.

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