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U1 Ultimate Portable (5G) 2nd Edition


The latest in 5G protection introduction the U1. Made from a solid block of premium alloy, this model is next level in quality and protection standard. Molded to very high finish, anodized in a beautiful Torqoiuse color . The U1 Portable will protect from 3G 4G 4G+ and 5G between protected zones.


The U1 comes with its own USB C cord to enable the best charge time approx 2.5 hours. The U1 Ultimate Portable model is for use outside your Premium Cube/Ultra protected area and is not intended for use inside your home or office as a substitute for the Cube/Ultra models.


For those who require the best the U1 is your solution to portable 5G protection.



  • Designed for portable 5G protection
  • U1 Ultra Premium Portable in Turquoise alloy
  • Airplane safe
  • 3G 4G 4G+ and 5G Protection
  • Coverage 5m radius
  • Premium Alloy Cased
  • Size 95mm x 45mm x 9mm
  • Weight 100g
  • No more than 5 days use on 1 Charge
  • 500mAH Battery
  • May reduce fatigue from EMF
  • Helps maintain a level of alertness
  • Enables restful sleep while traveling
  • Comes with USB C charging cable

U1 Ultimate Portable 5G - 2nd Edition EMF Protection Device

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