oxygen is one of the most powerful healing methods, we all need a certain level of oxygen . Since the industrial age the oxygen levels of our planet are gradually decreasing  and our levels are around 20% less than what they were 3500 yrs ago, our levels today are around 21% which is much less than ideal hence one of the big reasons disease is escalatingOxygen, The Most Powerful Healing Force AvailableOxygen is also the most important element in life, nothing lives without oxygen, nothing heals without oxygen, we can live for a month without food; a week without water but only a few minutes without oxygen. Before the great flood way back around 4000 years ago the oxygen levels of our atmosphere were far greater than what they are today; there was hardly any sign of disease, they had ideal oxygen levels, ideal, energised water and ideal high nutrition soils, no wonder they lived for hundreds of years.Oxygen levels in 2015 are around 24% in rural - non polluted areas and around 18- 21% in large cities, some large city communities even use oxygen masks to get more oxygen into their systems; air travel can get really risky for some people as the oxygen levels can get as low as 16%; the consequences of oxygen levels that low can be devastating, eg. if your blood oxygen levels decline to 16% or lower, you brain cells begin to die, so do many body cells, so if you live in the city the levels are not much higher at 18%.Another issue comes to the fore; when you get an illness of any kind, oxygen levels decrease especially if you have sluggish blood or obesity or overweight because the haemoglobin which carries oxygen is transported by your cells so if you blood is not currently circulating the way it should then your oxygen levels are reduced even more; in other words the 18% oxygen your getting from city living is already low, if you have any health issues o2 levels will be even lower and many wonder why they get sick. People using oxygen therapy have noticed drastically improved outcomes in many different health issues, some get 40% improvement in inflammation others get a whopping 75% improvement; Sports stars use oxygen regularly for quicker tissue repair when carrying injuries and find healing takes place much quicker than treatment without oxygen and find they are back on the field in half the time it normally takes for healing ; other research done was with cancer client, emotional health clients, brain injuries, energy, anti ageing, pre and post surgery, allergy,stress, poor circulation, fatigue, fitness, autism, asthma, insomnia, sleep apnoea, MS. People who have experienced these conditions have been pleasantly surprised by the results when regular oxygen therapy is used.What are The Benefits Of Increased Oxygen Environment in The Body?An increase in oxygen the levels of the body enables the body to tend to any healing or detoxification that may be needed. Daily exposure to higher oxygen levels can lead to a 3 fold increase to the normal rate of healing for soft tissue injuries or broken bones. Normally a treatment would be 1 hour sitting reading or wating a DVD, but if you purchase your own you can do one treatment in the morning and one in the evening depending on your condition. Healthy people would benefit also, you dont have to be sick to use oxygen, as a matter of fact my wife and i use it as often as we can, it keeps the bugs, virus and bacteria at bay, gives us more energy for our exercise classes, keeps us feeling young and keeps our brain alert for our days work.Are there any Anti Ageing benefits?Like i mentioned above, it keeps the brain clear and alert, helps collagen formation of new blood cells & vessels feeding the skin with oxygen and regeneration of more efficient epithelial cells help to maintain youthful looking skin which heals faster and is resistant to infection. Anyone at any age can benefit from oxygen therapy.Pre and Post Surgery.If you are planning or have had surgery of any kind, we urge you to use oxygen to help heal your body quicker. Oxygen aids the body's ability to cope with surgery and aids quicker recovery after surgery. Surgical site suffer from swelling and edema which is a build up of fluid which constrics blood vessels and hinders the delivery of oxygento damaged tissues. oxygen speeds up healing by delivering oxygen rich blood to the effected areas. Patients who use oxygen therapy (O2) heal up to 80 % faster than those who dont use it post surgery.Oxygen also reduces scarring and gives the immune system a boost when it needs it most because surgery depresses the immune system, increasing the chance of infection. Cells require oxygen to help combat bacteria and other harmful microbes. We all need an extra boost of oxygen daily, in 2015 the atmosphere is not producing enough oxygen to keep us healthy, unless we are superhuman we need a daily dose. The oxygen concentrators available at www.lifestreamhealth.net.au are high quality O2 93% pure oxygen, be careful, not all concentrators are pure oxygen, the ones we use seperate the oxygen from the nitrogen in our atmosphere so there is no buying oxygen these units make it, these units are also very affordable as many of the concentrators in Australia are between $2000 & 4000 ours range from $1550 & $1950  we use the 5 litres per minute 


5 litre oxygen concentrator