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Lifestream Health has been a self funded research and Wellness company for many years.We research anything to do with Natural Health,such as :- supplement quality and price, super foods, food grade supplements, cultured or fermented food, raw foods, fads, no salt, no oil diets and water one of our Major elements, filtered, bottled, distilled, RO, tank, alkaline, ionised energised water as to which is best?

We constantly research the most proven ways to vibrant health in every area of your life including the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, financial  and relationships. Bible Health and nutrition is also a topic we constantly look into. We are interested in your total health
We also find that life is all about balance and if we learn to follow all the above principles then we can have complete  wellness.
i am not talking about perfection, but an awareness that we are more than physical creatures.
eg. we can give people all the nutrition in the world, but if the thoughts, feelings and emotions are not right, then the body will suffer, its all about a total lifestyle and its all possible, its just about beginning and making a habit of it, it then becomes more simple.

The importance of the pH /acid/alkaline balance and the effects on disease and well being. Eg. high body acidity= high risk of disease.
We are all unique and each person has individual needs, We direct our clients back to basics and an original diet with affordability.
We continually update this site with the latest health supplements and research to ensure that we offer our customers the highest quality health products for the lowest possible price.
We are also researching the brain chemistry like neurotransmitter balance and the effect on disease and Epigenetics & faulty genes and their effect on health.
The big question is, can we repair the DNA with nutrition??? and if the DNA is repaired can we have optimum Wellness, the answer to that is a BIG YES, there is so much evidence on DNA or Gene repair through proper nutrition.
Most disease is actually damaged DNA or Genes, there is much more research to be done but we are getting some promising results. Stay Tuned!!! 
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