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Weight Loss

There are many weight loss programmes out there,but you will find that many people put it back on and many of these programmes dont get you healthy, anyone can lose weight but is it a healthy programme, many thin people have nasty diseases, so dont be fooled, this is a Genuine weight loss programme;-- 60% of Australians are overweight, we can change that, no gimmicks, you don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight, if you want to lose weight and keep it off and eat plenty, then speak to us.Below are a few natural products that may assist

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  1. Brix Meter

    Brix Meter


    Model: Brix 0-32% Learn More
  2. Alkaline Water stick

    Alkaline Water stick


    Model: ion/alkaline stick/ good for around 1000 litrs or lasts for 6 months Learn More
  3. Alkaway 3litr Jug
  4. Master Your Life course

    Master Your Life course


    Model: Master Your Life course Manufacturer: Lifestream Health Learn More
  5. Super Marine minerals/ Ormus
  6. Ultra Stream Alklaine water filter

    Ultra Stream Alklaine water filter


    The new Ultrastream Alkaline water filter filter is the most advanced Water system for under $600; available in White or Silver Learn More

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