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Super Marine minerals/ Ormus

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Super Marine minerals/ Ormus

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4000-6000 years ago,humans were bigger,stronger and much healthier,one reason is that there was no pollution and another huge reason is that there were active monoatomic minerals in the soil, then the flood came and washed away many minerals into the sea. but it wasnt untill after the 1950s when modern day farming methods were used and the regular spraying of crops with toxic chemicals that the soils really began to deteriorate.

Archeologists have found graves with skeletons around 12 feet tall,the bones were as strong as iron,there is in The Bible a record of giants in the earth and before the flood,they live for hundreds of years,Methusela lived till he was 960 years old,we were created to have optimum health,sickness was not in the plan of the Creator ,so, now we know that minerals and elements are found in abundance in the sea.Many of these elements are present in an Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic form or what is called ORMES What this means is that these minerals or elements have changed their state and now exhibit Superconductivity higher than their commonly found state,which makes them 1000 times more potent, in other words, they are alive. We have developed the process that causes the ORME elements to "drop out" of the sea water with the remaining salty water being removed.

The remaining colloidal elements (ORMES ) are present in a white cloud-like suspended form This white liquid is alkaline and stable in nature and is easily assimilated by The Human body. A major Pharmaceutical Company in the USA- BMS has found that these ORME form elements interact with Human DNA (our blueprint) to correct and perfect the Human Body Think of the body as a worn out battery that can be recharged and rejuvinated by the increased elemental conductivity of the ORME high conductive elements Sea water has a pH of around 7.5 with 175000 ppb disolved solids, ORMUS has a pH of around 10.7 with only 5200 ppb disolved solids There are different types of Ormus,there is the white gold,there is The Lifestream Health Ormus which has the 9 most active elements in it including Gold,rhodium and Iridium, known to be more active than gold Ormus.

 For plants----mix 10 ml in a litre of pure water,pour over plants or spray on leaves for optimum growth and nutrition,seeds can be soaked in Ormus before planting for a few hours. plants will grow twice as quick,twice as big,and mineral rich,on top of that you will have no plant disease or insect problems when Ormus is used on plants or in the soil.over time, Ormus can be taken internally but it is best to consult us before taking it, different people react in different ways to Ormus Agriculture grade available also for around half the price Order from our website or contact us for more information, wholesale enquiries welcome

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