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Negative Ion Miracle taken from the book ion miracle by  Jean –Yves Cote/ article & add -ons by

By Tony Boutros ND

Fred Soyka’s experience

Mr Soyka worked in New York for an American multi- national corporation.

In 1961,he accepted a transfer to Geneva where he lived for 8 years. Except for a persistent bad cold,the 1st year of his stay was enjoyable.The 2nd year,the cold worsened,he began suffering stomach pain and headaches as well. He felt nauseous after meals,tried to avoid social gatherings and experienced diminished sex drive.

Finally, he decided to see a Doctor. He had poor digestion and was run down,out of shape,anxious and stressed. Hid doctor referred him to a Gastroenterologist,who diagnosed a malfunctioning gall bladder and prescribed its removal

Before the surgery,Soyka went on a 2 week trip to New York.By the 2nd day, the symptoms that had troubled him had disappeared.He felt great, He called his specialist back in Geneva and told him that he was feeling great and that his diagnosis was wrong.

Within 2 weeks,however,his symptoms had returned,his Doctor sent him to another specialist,who told him that ,like many other people he was suffering from hypothyroidism.The specialist prescribed stimulants for his thyroid and a few days later, Soyka felt much better.He was now taking tranquilizers to calm his nerves during periods of anxiety and stimulants to shake his feelings of apathy.Sometimes he took sleeping pills.He began to depend on pills the way others depend on alcohol.

In 1964 Soyka became Vice President of his company but his health problems persisted.the simplest tasks seemed overwhelming.

A strange fact escaped Soyka’s attention.Whenever he left Geneva on business trips or family vacations,his appetite returned,his mood and energy levels recovered,stranger still,these recoveries occurred even when his travels took him elsewhere within Europe.

In 1965 his doctor suggested that his disorders were psychosomatic.For the next 2 years,Soyka spent 4 hours a week consulting a psychiatrist,after all he was suicidal.

But after 2 years of psychiatric help,his condition did not improve.

He wrote in his diary,very ill,depressed,discouraged sleepless nights,I wish I were dead,he worried about everything.

During his 8th year in Geneva in spite of professional success,he again consulted a doctor,this time Dr.Wissmer,who had many foreign patients.Wissmer told him that many of his patients suffered similar symptoms.Wissmer believed that this phenomenon was related to the electricity or positive ions in the air in Geneva.

The divorce rate was abnormally high because of lack of sex drive, anxiety,unhappiness,there was among the patients also immoderate alcohol consumption and tension. A Sweedish wife of a businessman caught a cold on arriving at Geneva and continued to have it for 10 years.

There was a change in her behavior, she began yelling at the children,criticizing her husband,overate and became increasingly overweight.She became so depressed and ill-tempered,she couldn’t stand herself.Before arriving in Geneva,she lived happily in several European and Middle Eastern countries.

Wissmer noticed that the patients that suffered Soyka’s symptoms,all seemed to visit him at the same time.His practice would operate normal,then all of a sudden,without warning all his foreign patients would call in on the same day.

Winds that kill

Soyka’s symptoms are shared by many people who live in areas of the world where they experience dry winds,called whitches winds in several languages.These symptoms also occur during the full moon and before storms.

Popular expressions record our sensitivity to to atmospheric conditions: when we are un well,we feel under the weather,before a storm approaches,we feel it in our bones.Hippocrates had also noticed a correlation between weather and certain diseases.

One day Soyka called Helen van de Velde,a psychologist who studied throughout Europe before settling in New York. She had noticed that on certain days her patients would feel optimistic and enthusiastic,while on other days they felt unhappy and depressed.She kept note of the temperature but couldn’t find any correlation between the weather and the mood swings. While Soyka was with her,her phone rang constantly,her patients experienced crisis at the same time.

Earlier in the day ,a patient had spit blood from a ruptured stomach ulcer.At lunch van de Velde was interrupted by a patient,a beautiful model in her twenties,who said she was unable to face the cameras that day,a violinist couldn’t play because his hands were trembling and clammy.A hurricane is blowing in from the Carrabean,the psychologist said,opening the windows,the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day,but come and listen she said.From outside ,Soyka hear the voices of angry taxi drivers arguing over the sound of traffic,my patients and taxi drivers are barometers.That night,the temperature changed and Soyka never slept very well.experiencing the symptome he had suffered in Geneva.

The Swiss blame the dry winds for suicides,murders,accidents,domestic disputes.

Surgeons in Munic postpone surgeries till the winds pass.Soyka had a friend in Munich who felt literally suffocated when these winds the winds blew,she would find relief walking down near a waterfall,half an hour near the bubbling water would ease her breathing for several hours.

Since its discovery by Benjamin Franklin researchers have shown that electricity effects plants and animal life.In 1775 Father Giambattista Becceria of the University at Turin wrote :- Nature makes great use of atmospheric electricity to develop vegetation.During the 19th century various researchers studied the influence of electricity on plant growth.In 1899 Elster and Geitel discovered the existens of ions but the systematic study of the effects of ions on life only began three decades later.

In 1930,Hansell, an American Researcher observed that a laboratory assistant who worked next to an electrostatic generator,experienced mood swings when the generator changed polarity,when the polarity of the generator was negative,he felt euphoric and full of energy,when the polarity was positive,his mood darkened and he felt depressed and aggressive.

Extensive research has since been conducted to investigate electric polarity in the air.In 1970 Soyka could already count more than 5000 related projects,studies and experiments.Almost all concluded that negatively charged ion enhanced our well being,while positively charged ions are harmful to us.

As we know,atoms consist of a positively charged core surrounded by negatively charged electrons.Because electrons and the core carry an equal charge atoms are neutral.When electrons are freed from the core,the atom becomes positive and is called a poitive ion.If on the other hand the neutral atom captures an electron ,it is negatively charged and is called a negative ion.

If this negative or positive atom/ion is incorporated in a molecule,the molecule becomes an ion and if this ion is fixed within a group of molecules,such as soot,dust or liquid droplets,they also become positive and negative ions.Following standard usage,any small particle carrying an electric charge ,will be reffered to as an ion throughout this article.

In nature,the usual ion ratio is 12 pos-ions for 10 neg-ions,but these propotions vary greatly from place to place according to barometric pressure,prevailing winds,the radioactivity of the ground and pollution.Places that have high concentrations of neg-ions,such as sea shores,mountains, waterfalls,pine forests,rivers,attract us when we want to enjoy rest and relaxation.Before an electrical storm,when the atmosphere is heavy,it is charged with pos-ions.After the storm,the air feels fresh and invigorating and we often breathe deeply to enjoy the sweetness.At this time the air is highly charged with neg-ions.During peak hour,city air is almost completely void of neg-ions.

An insurance salesman claimed that the accident rate increased 100% during these withches winds,also acts of domestic violence and aggression increased according to Police reports.Military officers said that soldiers stationed on desert frontiers for long periods became lethargic and depressed. In some translations of the book of Isaiah,these dry winds are called the Sharav and described as bad and destructive.

During earlier research in the field of gynecology,Sulman had shown that serotonin influences the human body and emotions.He went on to conduct a four year study to determine the serotonin levels in healthy subjects who were not sensitive to the Sharav. Daily urine tests were taken to measure how much serotonin is manufactured by the body and how much of it is transformed into an inoffensive substance commonly reffered to as 5HA.The study concluded that serotonin is only present in the urine of healthy humans when they are anxious or under great emotional stress.

We have long known that the body produces adrenaline in response to known stressors that are usually external.While adrenaline is produced in response to dangers perceived by our 5 senses, serotonin seems to be excreted in response to dangers that are imperceptible to the senses.eg.emotional stress and anxiety seemto produce seotonin. After this study, Sulman began testing Sharav victims. In little time he had recruited more than 200 volunteers from different classes of life and  various countries,all affected by the SharavFor a year these test went on twice daily to submit urine samples. The study concluded that these people produced 1000% more seotonin during Sharav,while their their ability to break down serotonin into 5HA only doubled,leaving a significant seotonin surplus in their bodies.

But how could the wind produce such results???

In the 1950’s and 60’s, Krueger, an American Researcher,established  a link between the production af serotonin and the presence of pos-ions. On the basis of Kruegers theory,Sulman recruited physicists and meteorologists to measure the electrical nature of the Sharav. On the days where Sharav doesn’t blow the ion count in Jerusalem is generally between 1000 and 2000 pos and neg ions per cubic centimeter. Two days before the sharav, the quantity of ion per cubic centimeter doubles and the proportion of pos-ions increases considerably.

The conclusion was obvious,the only variable that could explain the abnormal production of serotonin in people sensitive to the sharav was a great concentration of pos-ions in the air during the wind’s passage.

These witches winds originate in high atmosphere. As they approach earth,they come into contact with other masses,the resulting friction seems to destroy neg-ions. Some of these winds,travel over dry land where they lift a lot of dust.

Neg-ions which are primarily small oxygen ions combine easily with with dust and are soon entirely absorbed,leaving only pos-ions in the wind.

The fact that neg-ions have been leached from the air because they have attached themselves to dust and moisture may explain the discomfort felt in the cities and prior to storms when the air is humid. Storms break when the atmosphere is saturated and heavily charged with  pos- ions. Since the earth is negatively charged,it attracts these positive charges. Lightning and rain rid the atmosphere of pos-ions and create an overproduction of neg-ions,leaving the air fresh and invigorating. The same phenomena occurs alongside rivers,waterfall and by the seashore,especially when the surf is up. As water droplets move through the air, they cast off a fine spray that is charged with neg-ions. Knowing this,a water fountain near ones home or work would be a great asset.

Similar effects to these winds would occur when there was a full moon,eg. More severe hemorrhages, demand for blood tranfusion, repeated occurances of miscarriages and many other health problems due to high levels of serotonin as we discussed before.

Sanctuaries of life/Neg-ions

There are many natural sources of Neg –Ion production. In the lower atmosphere, the most important is the radioactivity of rocks. When the radioactive gases produced by rocks enters the air,their radiation produces ion pairs.

However,because the mass of the earth is negative ,pos-ions tend to be magnetically drawn towards the ground,leaving the aircharged with neg-ions. This may explain why mountain air is so refreshing. It also explains the longevity of people who live in mountainous regions.

Another very important source of neg-ions is chlorophyllous photosynthesis,the production of oxygen by chlorophyll exposed to daylight. We have long known that plants create oxygen, but we now know also that the oxygen that is produced is negatively charged. This explains why country and forest air seems so rich to the city dweller and also underscores the importance of parks in urban areas.

We feel exhilarated by running water,experience bliss at the foot of a waterfall,and feel invigorated by the smell of waves breaking on rocks. We appreciate fountains in the park, we get relief from a good shower after a day at work,a drive in the car or a tense meeting. All these places are negatively charged because of the so called Lenard effect,whereby neg-ions are produced by the friction of water droplets breaking up in the air.

In the 18th century,Saussure observed that people who live by waterfalls ,live healthier,longer lives. Thermal springs have always offered relief to the people who suffer from respitory problems or tension. Previously,their benefits were attributed to the quality of the water,but it is highly likely that the overproduction of neg-ions by fountains and pools are the main contributors to their healing effects.

The friction of air moving against sharp-pointed solids produces neg-ions. Because of their millions of needles,pine forests generate an overproduction of neg-ions,especially on windy days. This explains why health centers that offer both thermal springs and pine forests can be so beneficial. Perhaps this is also why the Cedars of Lebanon have always symbolized beauty and happiness.

No ions,no life

In Russia, Tchijewsky tried raising small animals in a well oxygenated atmosphere that contained no ions. After a few days they all died. Tchijewsky concluded that we need neg-ions to absorb enough oxygen to survive.Dr Kruege showed that endurance ,health and well-being improve  drastically in the presence of strong concentration of neg –ions.

Ions for Athletes

After the 2nd world war, a Russian researcher named A.Minkh conducted a series of experiments with high performance athletes. 40 Athletes were required to lift 3-5 kg weights at a rate of 1 lift per sec.When the test subjects were exhausted,one group received overdoses of neg-ions,a 2nd received overdoses of pos and neg-ions and a 3rd group was left to recover in the surrounding air. The group which received the overdose of neg –ions recovered first,followed by those who received a dose of pos and neg –ions while those left untreated recovered last.

In another experiment, athletes were asked to run on the spot at the rate of 180 steps/minute until exhaustion. One group trained in an atmosphere enriched with neg ions,the other untreated ambient air. Initially, the 2 groups turned in compararable performances. After 1 month,however, the group exposed to neg-ions had increased their endurance by 240%. This level remained high over the next 10 days without additional neg –ions,then stabilized at 38%. The endurance of the control group also improved,but only from 7-24%,and their endurance levels fell away more quickly than the neg-ion group. Also reaction time improved in the neg –ion group by 10%.

Good for plants,lethal for bacteria

The 1st studies of the affects of the effects of air electricity involved plants. As early as 1748,Nollet, a priest, had observed an acceleration in growth rates when a charged electrode was placed over plants. All subsequent studies have confirmed that plant growth is optimized by the presence of strong concentrations of neg –ions.

It was found that barley cultivation in an atmosphere enriched by 400,000 neg-ions per cubic centimeter indicated a 155 growth increase,and an 18% increase in dry weight. In a greenhouse equipped with neg-ion generators, not only did plants grow more quickly but insects and mold disappeared at such a rate that the pesticide rate could be stopped. It was also found that  all the crops  exposed to neg-ions were free of most types of bacteria and mold .

Human recovery

Camille Ringuette , a business partner,offered  an ionizer to her sister,she had Leukemia and required regular chemotherapy,after every treatment she suffered weeks of fever and infection,chemotherapy shuts down the immune system. After using the ionizer ,she no longer developed fevers or infections after her chemo. Her doctor was astonished. She also recovered from a bone marrow transplant and she was told that no one had ever recovered from bone marrow transplant.

There are many more stories I can writ but it has been proven that neg-ions have helped thousands of people all over the world with conditions ranging from cancers,bronchitis,asthma,allergy,depression,digestive disorders ,burns, sperm production,lactation,arthritis, problem children,sleep,sex drive,vitality,pain mood,,nutrient absorption ( works on the sodium /potassium pump),mitachondia /ATP,heart,brain, cholesterol,glucose,acidity/pH,sedemaentation,endochrine system (hormones) pituitary,adrenals,stress,growth hormone and it basically effects every cell in the body positively.

There are many neg-ion machines you can use, do your research, however ,there is a first in Australia, a neg –ion generator for the body, it has a belt , you put around your waste and just sit and read or do your paperwork for 30-60 min treatments.

Case story

 I have one of those neg –ion energy generator and to give you a case study,  A client with prostate cancer, initially wasn’t doing too well, it was feared terminal, I did a talk at the Prostate association and he came to the clinic, for 9 months I saw him before I tried the neg-ion generator on him,his diet was changed to a balanced vegan and many good quality supplements and yes he was very happy and drastically improved, but his health would go up and down, overall he was out of danger, but still had a few problems ,one being inflammation (dry blood)I then put him on the neg-ions machine for 5 days straight, I checked his blood again and it was fascinating,the neg-ions did just as much healing in 5 days than what we were trying to do in 9 months, the rots in the dry blood had just about healed, the cells in the live blood were nice and round, strong cell membrane and clean background,overall, I was very impressed with the way the negative ions work alongside good nutrition and a happy heart and positive thoughts.

People in Russia,Pakistan,Equador,who live in the highlands who have plenty of ne-ions in the air ,live the longest lifespans.

When people go walking with bare feet early in the morning, it can balance the electric potential in their body, normalizing the ion fields as well as improving overall health.

Most people who come into the clinic are living on nervous energy or adrenalin, this is not the ideal way for our body to function,and if prolonged can end up with nervous breakdowns or other serious health problems.

What the neg- ion generator does when strapped to the body is that it allows nutrients,oxygen and water,the 3 main components for health ,to enter the cell membrane, allowing wastes to come out of the cells, in general , this is not happening with the average person,this is working on the sodium/potassium pump of the cell membrane, as a result the person who receives high doses of neg-ions will be running on cellular energy (atp) not adrenalin like most people,especially those who live in cities. So these neg-ions are also working on the mitochondria,the energy factory in the cell which makes ATP.

Children normally have about 90millivolts of electric potential,if we are sick and tired,we have around 70 millivolts,In Cancer and disease around 15,when the cell dies,there is obviously zero Electrical potential.

So you see here the importance of neg-ions for vitality and even survival.


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