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Master your life course/seminars

You can Hire our Naturopath/speaker for any function, Tony has had over 20 years experience in Natural Health and will answer many of your questions,there is so much confusion about health,hopefully after hearing Tony it should make things a bit clearer.He has organised many topics to choose from,some are listed below,these topics and workshops have changed peoples lives in a dramatic way,learning how to eat well and use our brains the right way will give us tremendous power and success for every part of our life.We can speak about nutrition,fad diets,the brain/stress ,thoughts,feelings and how they effect our physical health and our All Power series of talks or courses listed below. According to all the brain experts,We are using about 2% of our brain, if we could learn how to use a little more we would have power that would make us in the top 3% of the worlds successful people and we could have virtually no illness,call us now to book these amazing talks., or you can buy the All Power course at an affordable price.More information below.

Good and bad Stress programmes and workshops;-- Stress is accelerating towards being the no.1 cause of death and disease in the western world, we can show you how the good chemicals and bad chemicals work in your brain that make you well or ill, powerful information and life changing.

We also have the All Power life coaching course available on DVD,this is a life changing 60 day course which covers things like changing the neuropathways of your brain and replacing them with new empowering pathways,changing and overcoming negative habits, words, thoughts,fear, anger and whatever you want to overcome and empowering you to achieve what you want to achieve,this course really works and is a must for everyone, there is one for the kids as well as teenagers,this is a Biblically based course but not Religious,will help you achieve your physical, spiritual,mental,emotional,financial and relationship goals.

We also work in conjunction with Mission Serenity, which include programmes designed to make men Real men and make women happy,also for the child abuse victims, there is counselling and support,website: -


Here are some of the topics of the DVD's in the All Power course:-

1.Experience All Power

2. Harness the 2 forces that control your life

3. You can change anything instantly

4.The awsome power of decision

5. Your greatest wealth is health

6 & 7. What are you missing

8. What do you really want out of life

9. & 10 Achieving Total success

11. Character

12. Goals are dreams with a deadline

13. Set yourself free

14. No Fear

15. Dont worry be happy

16. Seeing the roses not the thorns

17. & 18. Creating financial wealth

19. Incredible relationships

20. The Master

I highly recommend this course, I have done it and it began to work for me almost immediately.My attitude ,bad habits,thinking,words began to change,i am having more success with everything i do. This course has changed many peoples lives all over the world.

Courses like this are normally hundreds or thousands of dollars,but this is only a mere $350 including 3 follow up consultations to help you along the way.If you want your kids to excell in anything they do,then these courses are a must.This may be the best $350 you have ever spent,it was for me.Or if you dont want the follow ups these are only $250.To order contact us at Lifestream Health. Anyone can do it because you only need to do about 10-15 mins daily.

You will be notified of upcoming workshops and seminars in this space.Below are some natural products that may help for stress and the brain

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