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Living Water & Water Systems

Water is the most essential element for the human body apart from oxygen and sunshine. Nothing exists without water,our great problem is that we think any water will do for our system,what many of us dont realize is that everything is made and designed with a structure/molecule and every cell in our body has a receptor or gate that receptor has a keyhole, if the key doesn't fit  the nutrient doesn't get into the cell, in other words in my years of research on water, filtered ,tap, tank, distilled bottled, and some spring water does not fit the key, these are dead water,we are not entirely hydrating with these types of water.

Way back before the industrial revolution the water was not stored, it was flowing down from a mountain, the healing rays of the sun were energising it, it was flowing over the sand, rocks for the minerals, and over the earth for the magnetic energy, it was "ENERGIZED LIVING WATER", this is what we need for the human system. These days our water could be making us sick, we store it in tanks, bottles, pipes, then we add hundreds of deadly chemicals to it, and then, we distill it and strip all the nutrients from it thinking we are doing good. You can have living water, there are many systems out there, some are very expensive. We have some systems here, and satchets you will find very affordable and there are some new systems on their way and you won"t have to pay a fortune.

One of our units is The Hexagon 8 stage living water filter,

1st stage -Magnetic stones

2nd stage KDF-activated Granular Carbon

3rd Stage -Anion minerals

4th stage --FIR energy beads-energy from the sun

5th stage --mineral elements,this helps make the water more alkaline

6th stageActivated Carbon

7th stage --Ion exchange-,helps with negative ions and mineral absorbtion

8th stage -- Ceramic filter- removes most harmful bacteria,99% of sludge and rust

for more details ,contact us.

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  1. Alkaway 3litr Jug
  2. Alkaline Water stick

    Alkaline Water stick


    Model: ion/alkaline stick/ good for around 1000 litrs or lasts for 6 months Learn More
  3. Ultra Stream Alklaine water filter

    Ultra Stream Alklaine water filter


    The new Ultrastream Alkaline water filter filter is the most advanced Water system for under $600; available in White or Silver Learn More
  4. Ultrastream replacement cartridge

    Ultrastream replacement cartrige


    replace no longer than 12 months Learn More
  5. Bamboo diffuser

    Bamboo diffuser


    7-8 hour operation time, air freshner, deodoriser, humidifier, ioniser, aroma diffuser, night lamp, use only pure oils in this diffuser ask us or look at www.mydoterra.com/tonyboutros would look great in any room, can be used for emotional issues also with the right oils, a great gift idea for any occasion. Learn More
  6. Alkaline Water jug cartridge

    Alkaline Water jug cartridge


    Replacement filter for Alkaline water jug, change every 6 months Learn More

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