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  1. Ultrastream Under sink kit

    Ultrastream Under sink kit


    Under sink kit for ultrastream Living Water Filter, may need plumber to install. Learn More
  2. Bamboo diffuser

    Bamboo diffuser


    7-8 hour operation time, air freshner, deodoriser, humidifier, ioniser, aroma diffuser, night lamp, use only pure oils in this diffuser ask us or look at www.mydoterra.com/tonyboutros would look great in any room, can be used for emotional issues also with the right oils, a great gift idea for any occasion. Learn More
  3. Ultrastream replacement cartridge

    Ultrastream replacement cartrige


    replace no longer than 12 months Learn More
  4. Compost Builder

    Compost Builder


    Compost builder/ available in 1 litre/ 5 ltrs or 20 litres Learn More
  5. SOIL - Dead or Alive?

    SOIL - Dead or Alive?


    Why We Need to Grow our Own Food! In 2012 there was a 14% increase in the use of toxic chemicals for crops. Before 1945 the nutrient content of the soil was 100%. In 1950 the produce at the Brisbane markets was tested for nutrition - remember the farming methods were very different then, they didn’t use NPK which I will discuss more later, they didn’t use the chemicals they use now - they mainly farmed the old fashioned way, dig it and dung it, the nutrient level in the food was around 90%. There may have been fewer nutrients in other areas at this time. The same test was performed around 1990, the nutrient level in the food was around 10% and in 2010 levels were about 5%. What do you think the nutrition levels in our food now in 2014? Very low!

    Purchase the Kindle version on Amazon

    Learn More
  6. Brix Meter

    Brix Meter


    Model: Brix 0-32% Learn More
  7. Shower Filter/

    Shower Filter/


    Model: Unit Learn More
  8. Master Your Life course

    Master Your Life course


    Model: Master Your Life course Manufacturer: Lifestream Health Learn More
  9. Super Marine minerals/ Ormus
  10. Alkaline Water jug cartridge

    Alkaline Water jug cartridge


    Replacement filter for Alkaline water jug, change every 6 months Learn More

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