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Living Water v Dead Water

Why is water so important? 

Water is a major part of life, our body is made up of around 75% water depending on fat content of the body, the more fat, the more dehydration increases leading to all kinds of health issues, every kilo of fat if overweight is taking water out of your body. We use around 3 litres of water daily in our normal daily activities and if we work or exercise hard we use more than 3 litres, we need to replace this or we will dehydrate or get sick. Blood is around 80% water, muscles, brain & skin 75%, bone 25%.

Most diseases are caused by dehydration and mineral deficiency, which leads to a low pH (high acid levels). Water has many benefits such as:- it insulates, protects, lubricates, helps in cleansing of kidneys, bowels, blood and tissue, increases blood volume therefore increasing white blood cells, water is used in every process of the body, structured water contains hydrogen which produces energy and an electric charge, electric charge is what the nerves run on and what keeps the cells from sticking together.

When water is reduced in our body by 1% you are thirsty, by 5% endurance and muscle strength are drastically reduced and you become hot and tired, by 10% your vision can become blurred and delerium can occur, by 20% death can be the result.

Is there a difference between normal & structured water?

There certainly is a difference, structured water maintains the electric charge in our cells, the nervous system runs on electric charge, structured water helps transport oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissue, it regulates acid/ alkaline balance, these are all basic functions for good health, normal dead water cannot do this, let me explain how water becomes structured in nature, first of all, the most pure water molecule is a snow flake, when you look at it under a microscope you will see a crystal shape, dead water has no shape, water in nature flows down a stream from the mountains, it is exposed to the farinfrared rays of the sun and energised further by the magnetic energy of the earth, it is flowing over rocks and sand being mineralised and filtered, if you also notice it is spinning like a vortex around and over the rocks, this is structured water, so we have alkaline, mineralised, energised, structured, living water, it is alive, when it is stored in a bottle or tank or pipes, it is dead and cannot perform the functions mentioned before. i have been testing clients for hydration for many years and even many of those drinking 2 litres a day are still dehydrated because the large clusters of the dead water are not being transported into the cells. structured water has smaller clusters and is transported into the cell for hydration.

What about the chemicals in our water and what we inhale in our shower?

Dr Shwartz a Biologist and Chemist and also Dr Price in the 1960s said that chlorine is so toxic, it should be banned, it is the cause of many mental and physical problems including cancers, premature senility, heart disease and many other health issues.We bathe in it, we shower in it, we swim in it and wonder why we cant overcome certain health issues.

When Chlorine is heated as in a hot bath or shower, we are inhaling chloroform which is a toxic gas which can cause cancers and how many times have you heard people say, OH, i boil my water, i dont need a filter, boiling is worst than not filtering at all as the chlorine in the town water is turned into a toxic gas, you and your family deserve the truth and deserve good health, consider the vitamin C shower filter for your home or the whole house energiser.

Different types of water

 Spring/bore/well water, we need to make sure these are not contaminated.

 Tank water  can be very acidic and contain many dangerous bacteria like giardia etc,from the animals, birds that do their business in the gutter and all the chemicals in the air can go into the tank water.

Creek/River water,  much of this water is not fit for drinking unless filtered and structured

Lourds water, discovered in 1858, is a spring which flowes in the Grotto in Lourde in France, an analysis was conducted by a Profssor from Talouse and found many beneficial elements such as oxygen, nitrogen,carbonic acid, carbonates of lime and magnesia,traces of iron, silica, potassium, sodium, iodine according to the Wikapedia. Dr Kwi found that there was more hydrogen than normal water, hydrogen produces more energy in the cells than all elements but too much can be detrimental. Because of this fact Lourdes Water can restore damaged cells.

Coloured Water, when water is placed in coloured glass bottles and exposed to the sun for a period of time, the sun rays penetrate through the bottle into the water, this contains the complete vibrational spectrum of the specific colour, the sun transmits the energy of that colour to the water. Every colour has a different frequency.Colour therapy has been used by different races for thousands of years, solariums were built by Ancient Ejyptians with different coloured glasses, the sun would shine through the coloured glass onto the patient to achieve specific therapeutic benefits.

Blue calming effect Blood pressure reduction, insomnia, anti inflammatory, tension, relaxing, soothing

Green calming, insomnia, relaxation, nervous disorders, breakdowns

Yellow happiness, security, blood purifier, digestive aid

Red vitality, stimulation, power, increses body temperature, energising, circulation, anaemia

White balancer, regenerator, stimulates serotonin production

Indigo removes fear, chest and lung problems, sinusitis, skin and immunity problems

Orange, can use as a laxitive

Mineral/soda water mineral water is water from mineral spring but contains carbonate, soda water is a man made carbonated water from the tap infused with carbon dioxide gas and bi carb of soda, carbonates have been foubd to damage health with long term use by pulling calcium out of the bones and teeth.

Tap/filtered  tap water contains hundreds of chemicals detrimental to our health and some carcinogenic such as chlorine/ flouride, classed as dead, toxic water, filtered water has been filtered from many chemicals but is stilled classed as dead water has no energy, hydrogen or other beneficial elements for hydration.

Reverse Osmosis water is stripped of all energy and nutrients, not energised or structured

Distilled water is pure water without anything in it, classed as dead water, can be used for medicines, hebal mixtures etc. but will not hydrate or enegise the cells or put the electric charg into cells.

Bottled water has many claims, such as mineral, spring, organic etc but in reality many brands of bottled water are just filtered tap water, the scam has been on 60 minutes and A Current Affair, some of the bosses even admit this is an advertising campaign to get people to buy it, most are dead water and not worth the money

What are the genuine options?

Firstly, i would like to show you some quotes written by some of the top men in the field: "every sickness, every disease can be traced back to a mineral deficiency" Dr Linus Pauling 1954 Nobel Prize Chemistry.

Dr Otto Warburg 1931 Nobel Prize Physiology, " If our internal environment is changed from an acidic, oxygen deprived environment to an an alkaline environment full of oxygen, viruses, bacteria, fungus cannot survive"

Dr. Theodore Baroody " the countless names attached to disease does not really matter, what does matter is that they all come from the same root cause, too much acid waste in the body"

Dr Batmangelid "you are not sick, you are thirsty (or dehydrated)"

Sang Wang " what i am telling the world is to drink more alkaline water to flush out acid waste, the universal cause of many adult disease"

High acidity, mineral deficiency and dehydration go hand in hand, the solution is get your minerals, get your living water and get your pH balanced, this is the foundation of all health other than the spiritual, emotional and of course our soil, but we need to begin with the foundation. God Created us from the earth and with 80% water (minerals and hydration) this is where all health begins.

Options for good water, you can make your own, structured, energised water on the cheap, just take a bottle and a funnel as you are filling the bottle up through the funnel, you will get a vortex effect, that is structuring the water and to energise it you can glue magnets to the funnel, IMPORTANT NOTE- this will not filter it but it gives you an idea, you still need it filtered and you need the minerals to hydrate.

At Lifestream Health we have a few options which are very inexpensive, we have the alkaline stick which is made from special crushed rock, this will help energize, filter and alkalize your bottled water, ideal for travelling, there is the alkaline waterman bottle also which does the same, also great for travelling, there is the 3 litre alkaway filter jug, ideal for a small family or when you go on holidays, for the caravan or holiday home, and there is the Ultimate Ultrastream, this is the most advanced filter, energizer, alkalizer, structured water system around for under $600 even compares with the Kangan and others which cost between $1600 and $3000, you dont have to pay a fortune for a high quality water system, dont be fooled by the price, the Ultrastream is of the highest quality and made in the US. We also have the travel and whole house energiser an inexpensive way to energise water in your whole house, washing, drinking, showereing, plant water and you never have to change a filter again, Brilliant idea.

Happy Hydrating TB/ND





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