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Soil health & high nutrition

Why we need to grow our own food?

 For a start, it wouldn’t take much to halt our food supplies to the big stores, any catastrophe can stop the trucks from delivering food stocks, just remember the floods we had in late 2012 early 2013, roads were blocked, there was water all over the farms and roads, and in case you didn’t know what is happening with our food supply, we have a nutrition crisis as well, yes!! A NUTRITION CRISIS and some authorities will tell you that this is an alarmist comment but they have a lot to answer for, both them and the media keeping the truth from us. Let me give you some facts:- In 1950 the produce at the Brisbane markets was checked for nutrition, remember the farming methods were very different then, they didn’t use NPK which I will discuss more about later, they didn’t use the chemicals they use now and mainly farmed the old fashioned way, dig it and dung it, the nutrient level in the food was around 90%, the same test was done around 1990, the nutrient level in the food was 10% and in 2010 levels were about 5%, It is well known the selenium levels in soils all over Australia are virtually zero, zinc, magnesium, calcium and other mineral levels are not much better. In Australia 50% of our food is imported from China and the scientist have found hardly any nutrients in the food, why do the Authorities do that when we have thousands of acres of vacant land?

 Listen to fairdinkumradio.com this is called resistance radio, Leon exposes the evil works of the super rich and governments who are trying to control everything we do, even our food supply. We don’t realize how important minerals are to life, without them Vitamins don’t work, without them there is no life along with our precious water of course. Minerals make everything work, in fact, Dr Linus Pauling a Nobel Prize winner said that all disease is the result of mineral deficiencies. That is a Big statement, but he knows what he is talking about and in my 25 years in Natural Health, along with many other Practitioners know and experienced this. So apart from celtic salt, you need to get the minerals out of your food and of course if they are not in the soil, they wont be in the food, this is the reason I have written this small book to show you how to get these nutrients back in the soil. We wonder why chronic degenerative disease is out of control. Minerals, amino acids, long chain polysaccharides, Vitamin B12 and many other nutrients make up the DNA. It Is imperative that we get these nutrients back into our food, soil and bodies. We are being kept alive by drugs, chemicals, preservatives, these things don’t make up a good life, but an artificial life where we are just surviving, not Living. This little booklet may change your life forever, for the better of course!

 A Doctor was interviewed on ABC Radio Country Hour in September 2011, he said that disease is the direct result of the condition of the soil: - clever Doctor. Also Kerry Rheams MD founder of Medi Herb Australia says that we cant help people unless we fix the soil and they said that disease is a direct result of the condition of the soil, isn’t that amazing?? But true. These Doctors know what they are talking about, it would be great if more MD’s followed suit instead of propping people up with poisons. The Wisdom of the Bible says in Psalm 104:14,15 that the plants were made for mans service to make food, oil, wine (grape juice) The wisest man that ever lived says in Prov.12:11 to till the land.

 There are many different methods of growing crops but not all are nutrient rich, here are some methods or options: There are different nutrients in the top soil and different nutrients in the deeper soil, the plants need both. In this method, they don’t dig the soil, the Bible says till the ground, which means dig. They lay newspaper over the ground, then they put a layer of broken down compost, then put a layer of woodchip, it sounds great and I wish it were that easy,but crops can lack the deeper nutrients of the earth. I would definitely use the woodchip as a mulch, older woodchip would be preffered as the new takes about 2 years to breakdown, wood chip can make the richest soil. ORGANIC/ BIODYNAMIC are methods of growing food to a procedure, they use crop rotation, composts, manure, biological pesticides and don’t use poisons in their methods, they are not classified as nutrient rich, only about 20% of organic food is nutrient rich. Permaculture is a method where the focus is sustainable, care for the earth, care for the people and use what nature has provided for soil fertility. This is an excellent method but not always nutrient rich. Horticulture is a method which includes food type plants and non food plants like herbs, flowers etc and includes landscaping, also a natural approach to growing plants but again not always nutrient rich.


 Chemical agriculture gives a short term boost in production but is not sustainable in the long term and there are massive side effects such as chronic degenerative disease and even death. The reason why chemical agriculture seems to work is that the use of NPK, which is nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium--- nitrogen or protein builds muscle or plant structure, exactly the same as in a body builder, the muscle is forced to grow by ripping then building scar tissue which produces big muscles. High nitrogen tends to speed up the growth rate initially, excessive nitrogen forces the plant to grow bigger, phosphorous is the universal plant builder, potassium makes the plant look healthy as it enhances the colour of the plant and potassium encourages faster growth. But the big question is, is the plant healthy ??? OF COURSE NOT !! Plants require many minerals, B Vitamins to be healthy and to resist insect attacks and disease. Insect attacks are caused by the plant giving off the wrong electromagnetic radiation or frequency. Less minerals causes a change in the frequency given off by the plant. All plants and animals give off a very specific frequency. The human body when healthy gives off a frequency of about 52 MHz, most of us are well below that because of nutrient lack. Plants give off similar frequencies. Insects look for the lower or higher frequencies that indicate a food source. The insects’ antennas are radio receivers. Plants with a good mineral content do not give off a food frequency to insects.

 Our Creators way/ the natural way is sustainable. Look at the way nature works, in a forest the trees lose their leaves and branches continually, the trees bring up nutrients from the sub soil and those nutrients go into the leaves and branches, like recycling, when they fall onto the ground they decompose and become soil and top soil. Soil and dirt are different, soil is where living things breakdown eg. Leaves etc. and soil should be soft. Also the deep nutrients are different to the top soil nutrients, that’s why the soil needs to be soft enough for the roots to get down deep, like the weeds do. We need to be able to reproduce what happens in nature in our gardens and for our healths’ sake, it needs to be done now. NPK is the most common fertiliser used today. NPK stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium. Plants that have been grown on a NPK fertilise plan gives excessive consumption of nitrogen. Excessive Nitrogen is converted into ammonia, which wreaks havoc with our kidneys and liver. Dairy cows are generally fed on grasses grown with NPK. The phosphorous content of the milk is twice the calcium (calcium phosphate) high phosphorous levels turn into phosphoric acid which leaches calcium out of the bones and teeth as a result possibly producing Osteporosis. This is one big reason among many why dairy is unfit for human consumption.


Most plant disease is fungal, there is beneficial fungus and deadly fungus, in human disease there are hundreds of different types of fungus, as in plants they are the cause of most disease in humans also. Fungus thrives on mineral deficient plants, fungus will not grow on mineral rich plants. Fungus also thrive on plants grown in high levels of nitrogen and low levels of carbon.The Ideal is 20 times more carbon than nitrogen. Humans are similar, if we are lacking in minerals, oxygen, or dehydrated, fungus will grow in our blood and tissue. Fungus also thrives on sugar and yeast, so if the fruit is bought from a shop where it’s been stored and has low minerals, you are getting sugars that are detrimental to your heal such as short chain polysaccharides, even if they are bought fresh from a farm, it is better but if the nutrients are not in the soil, this will effect the sugars. When they are home grown and nutrients in the soil are high, you are getting Long chain polysaccharides or sugars which heal and repair cells and DNA, these sugars will not increase fungus, cancers nor will they raise blood sugar levels. Long Chain Polysaccharides act like another immune system, they are a medicine, that’s why when you grow food this way, food becomes your medicine. But remember, you need to measure the nutrients with a Brix meter. All disease is also metabolic, in other words all human and plant disease is caused by vitamin and mineral deficiency. There are many scientists and Professors, who have won Nobel prizes in chemistry who agree to this,

 Dr. Linus Pauling and Otto Warburg and many more stating that minerals, dehydration and high acidity being the 3 main causes of disease and when you look at the chemistry of what they are saying, these 3 things go hand in hand as the lack of alkaline minerals causes dehydration and high acidity, of course we need to drink living ionized water also: see the article about water on: www.lifestreamhealth.com.au According to Louis Pasteur germs cause disease and the Medical association went along with his theory. On the other hand, Beauchamp discovered that bacteria can change to a virus then to a yeast then to a fungus then to a mycoplasma and then to mould which can ultimately cause Cancer, this is what Naturopaths have found also. Bacteria cannot live in healthy plants or body and germs do NOT cause disease. Our very DNA is made up of all the nutrients Our Creator made for us in our food supply, long chain proteins, long chain polysaccharides (sugars), vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, EFA’s, licopenes and hundreds of other nutrients. When we are starved of any of these nutrients our DNA breaks down and the information the DNA gets is from nutrients and if the material is not there to make good cells then the DNA and RNA can only make cells according to the material the body has and if that falls short then we are making unhealthy cells which leads to disease and that is the case for the majority of humanity, we are deficient, but the good news is, the DNA is repairable. Chemicals damage the DNA:

Commercial and home grown food is generally sprayed with systemic chemicals to ensure that bugs or disease don’t destroy the plants, chemicals then drip onto the soil and kill the beneficial bacteria or microbes which feed the roots. These micro-organisms transport the nutrients into the plant via the root system – now we have a double whammy when the chemicals are sprayed, as well as destroying the beneficial micro-organisms that actually feed the plant, now the plant cannot be fed so there is more of a mineral deficiency in the plant, so more chemicals are used to keep plants alive, this is suicide, and this also happens with the human, do you see the similarity?? We have been fed a bunch of lies for too many years, its time people got the TRUTH!!

 Now if there are sufficient nutrients to repair the damaged DNA, nothing shows but if there are deficiencies, the damage will remain. In other words sometimes when you are repairing your system by using a superfood supplement or eating the nutrition dense food, you don’t always notice the body repairing itself unless you are very sick, but the body is working behind the scenes, so the name of the game is consistency, keep on keeping on.But as we said before if there are deficiencies the damage is still there even if you think you are OK, this results in mutated cells: degenerative disease, cancer etc. Depending on where the mutation occurs is where the symptoms will show.Humus Nutrient rich plants comes from soil which has humus in it.

 What is Humus?? Decayed organic matter that has become nutrient stabilised and is also microbe food. Green cover crops produce humus as does compost. You can measure humus content of your soil. Take 1kg of soil, accurately weigh it, place it in 2 Litres of water and agitate or shake; the humus will float- skim it off and weigh it or measure the thickness compared to the soil and you will get an idea of how much humus, you don’t have to be exact, eg. If the soil thickness is 4 inches and the humus is half an inch then you got about 12% humus, you don’t have to do a kg, but make sure it is to the scale of 1kg per 2 litres of water or half a kg of soil per 1 litre of water


 Is like a ladder, the black upright chains are the Polysaccharides attached to the bits going across which are the codons or proteins which are attached by all the minerals DNA carry all the information to make cells, when a cell is damaged or wears out, it needs to be repaired or replaced, the part of the DNA containing the information is unwound like a zipper (as above), it is now ready to assemble the protein. The DNA will be reassembled according to the material it has, if it has insufficient nutrients, it will assemble nutrient deficient cells, resulting in faulty cells or degenerative disease. DNA is damaged by chemicals in any of the following places, part of the long chain polysaccharides, or codons/ proteins or the minerals which glue them together. Long chain polysaccharides: Saccharides are sugars, a simple sugar is poisonous/ sucrose or table sugar. Long chain sugars are part of our DNA and are found in plants grown in mineral rich soil and have a high Brix reading. Every plant has different polysaccharides so its good to eat and grow a variety of herbs. Herbal Medicine Most of the actives in herbs are long chain polysaccharides, these act as our immune system destroying pathogens, some herbal medicines no longer work as they did 20-30 years ago because the herbs are grown in mineral depleted soils One sugar is short chain and the good one is long chain which means it is released slowly, it will not raise blood sugar like the refined or short chain sugars. Arabinoxylans are one of the long chain sugars found in the cell walls of plants.

 Plants require minerals to make sugars, Long chain sugars join to form structure, Cellulose is also a long chain sugar, we measure sugars that directly relate to the mineral content of the plant. This is what Brix measures. Tight cells resist pathogens and disease. See sugar structures below. How do we know that we have high levels of nutrients in our plants/food?? A good indication is if we pick up a handful of soil and it is lush, dark and full of living organisms, that’s one good sign, one of the best ways is to use a Brix Meter or Refractometer, that will check the nutrients in the fruit or vegetable or leaf, by putting a drop of the juice of the fruit, vegetable or leaf onto the Brix meter and it will give you a reading between 1% and 32%, in the old Biblical days 32% would not have been enough, nutrient levels would have been around 70% for fruit and around 40% for vegetables but these days we would do well to get 12% for vegetables and 20%-40% for fruit. Brix is the measurement of sugars in the plant which corresponds with the mineral levels also. When we eat nutrient dense food, our body can make Vitamin C, at the moment we cannot make it or store it because of the low nutrient food we are eating. When you check your nutrients with a Brix meter, when the line is distinct, it means low calcium, when the line in the Brix meter is fuzzy, it means the ca is OK. B vitamins are also vital for the soil and our body as Inositol is a powerful anti Cancer nutrient, it is abundant in home grown legumes, peas and grains.

 Psalm 128:2 When you eat the labour of your hands. You shall be happy and it shall be well with you.Recent Brix Readings for Organic food: I have personally tested some organic foods and I got Brix readings between 3%-6%, other tests have shown organic vegetables to be between 2% and 4%. Good Brix Readings: Most vegetable crops were 12%, corn was 24%, fruit 25% and can be up to 40%, this is where we need to get our food, then our food will be medicine as it was meant to be.We can grow high Brix food, It takes the same effort to grow good or bad food so you may as well learn to grow high Brix food. Invest in good food and you will be rewarded with vibrant health and you wont have the cost of restoring your health. The good thing about high Brix food is that it doesn’t raise blood sugar. When people have cancer or candida/fungal infection or Diabetes, the first thing a nutritionist would do is take them off all sugars, including fruit because fruit with low Brix readings can make cancer cells grow, raise the blood sugar and feed the fungus in your body, but when we have high Brix food, the minerals are high and so are the long chain polysaccharides and thy repair cells and DNA, it is a totally different effect. People with Cancer and other degenerative diseases who are eating foods with low Brix readings may not receive sufficient nutrients to supply the body’s needs to repair itself. Harmful chemicals:


 Supermarket food has been generally sprayed many times, eg. Strawberries- twice daily, apples- more than 28 times, tomatoes- every day, and all the other produce has been sprayed many times over. What effect have these chemicals on our body? The hydrocarbons in the pesticides, fungucides etc. attach to the neucleotides (proteins) in our DNA causing much damage, as a result causing mutated cells = degenerative disease including cancer.


 Anything that’s been living eg grass leaves etc. Will attract worms, they need food also. Microbes take up nutrients and give it to the plant via the roots, the minerals we put into the soil go into the microbes so that when it rains, the minerals are not leached out. Professor Ingham found that in pot plants that had no bacteria or fungi, when fed calcium, there was zero absorption, where there were bacteria only, there was 2% calcium absorption, where there was fungus only, there was 100% absorption, fungi are the greatest movers of minerals to the plant, especially the mycorrhiza. Microbes can bio-transform nutrients from one form to another. Microbes properly established in the soil will increase yield by at least 30%, will also increase shelf life of produce by 500% then you would not need a refrigerator as in times past, microbes also balance available nutrient and properly established will bring soil pH to 6.4, microbes can even turn sump oil into quality soil and organic substances plants can use.

( it takes 2 years for sump oil to be broken down),sump oil is classed as carbon; microbes can also bio transform antibiotics, chemicals into quality plant food, this is the power of microbes in the soil, they are a must for quality soil. Microbes require a Carbon/ nitrogen ratio of 20:1. Hardpan/ dense layer of soil is caused by soil going an aerobic, aerobic microbes will break soil up around a metre deep in approximately 6 months. Must have calcium in the soil to breaks it up/ flocculates, gypsum is ideal for loosening up the soil.

 Dolomite solidifies soil, good for driveways, don’t use it in your soil. Ag Lime can alter the pH too much so that it may kill the beneficial microbes, can be used with gypsum or carbon etc. Nature takes nutrients from the leaves or branches and recycles them with microbes. We need to obtain leaves or wood pulp or anything that has lived and recycle them. Also good microbe food is chicken bones, lantana, comfrey, aloe vera, kelp, dung.


 Nature uses static piles, birds and animals turn static piles every couple of months, if you make a mistake, the compost pile will eventually break down itself. Look at the forest floor, full of leaves, dead and green, branches, twigs, animal droppings and dead trees. To make quality compost, the ratio of carbon to nitrogen is critical, start with 2 parts carbon; 1 part nitrogen. Carbon is sawdust, woodchip, dry grass, cardboard, paper, dry hulls etc. Nitrogen is, green grass, manure, kitchen scraps, dead animals, food waste etc. Select a good site, have a clear area around it, start with laying branches on the ground to enable the air to circulate, then cut up or mulch material so that they are relatively small, place a layer of carbon down first, then a layer of nitrogen as above, then alternate in layers. Make your pile as fluffy as you can- do not compact it, you need to keep it as aerobic as possible, make it as high as you can. It should look like a pyramid, this is called static composting, you can turn it every 6 weeks until it is compost or close to it before using it. If it smells bad, it is anaerobic or lack of oxygen, it should smell good, that would be aerobic/ with plenty of oxygen. Experiment till you get the 3 points right:

 1. Correct carbon to nitrogen ratio, remember 20 times more carbon than nitrogen. 2. Correct moisture content eg. When you put down the layers don’t soak them. Just wet them 3. Correct air space, don’t compact down and build high mound. Always add a little fresh manure as a starter or grow your own microbes and pour them into the mound not over it. Add a little powdered clay as it holds nutrients. You can purchase compost bins- static or revolving or all sorts of gadgets from gardening supplies.The secret is the carbon/nitrogen ratio. If you make a mistake always add more carbon, it will compost down itself. Carbon does not smell bad, nitrogen can. Simplest way to make compost is to shred or cut up any plants that have lived, dump it on the ground, turn it every 4-6 weeks, this method will take around 6 months, you now have compost or a structured material that is top soil and ready to go.

CAUTION: too much green material ( nitrogen) will make pile turn anaerobic and smell. Like we mentioned before good compost has to have higher carbon than nitrogen content.

Terra Preta

 Terra Preta is fertile soil found in the Amazon Basin. This soil has held it’s fertility for over 2000 years and is still producing good food. This soil regenerates itself 1 cm per year. Originally added to the soil were charcoal, organic matter, and microbes giving it more than 13% organic matter.

 Making Terra Preta: Lay on top of the soil fine particles of charcoal or bio char, gypsum, dead leaves, sawdust, kitchen scraps, fresh manure, bark, grass clippings, fresh leaves, old manure, plants, cardboard, paper and anything else that comes from living organisms. Also add fine pieces of unglazed pottery, bricks and cracker dust and ormus (sea energy). Dig it in, leave for a few weeks, then plant a cover crop of corn and legumes/ lentils, beans etc. Each successive crop should be harvested, and the residue mixed, the same as when making Terra Preta or step 1. It will only take a short time for nutrients levels to stabilise and the microbes and earthworms will continue to improve the fertility of the soil. Biochar is just burnt hardwood, crushed, you can make it yourself or google it.

 This article is just a few pages taken out of the book "Soil dead or alive" is your food your medicine or your poison; now available on this website or Amazon;  if you want more information please buy the book ONLY $25 or you can contact us. Happy Gardening. TB/ND


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