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Ancient essential oils

Ancient Essential Oils in Australia

The beauty and mystery of the most potent remedies on Earth. Essential oils have been used for centuries as the first remedy for all health issues including the emotional and spiritual healing, mentioned many times in the bible, these oils were more valuable than gold back in those days and yet these days we are spending millions of dollars in medical research in vain, when we have the most potent and safest remedies available right under our noses. Not all oils work the same as Doterra, many are synthetic or therapeutic but can’t be taken internally, many have fillers added, Doterra is guaranteed 100% pure and retains the potent actives also. Doterra is the largest essential oil company on Earth and takes pride in making sure their oils are the best possible oils money can buy. They have 6 independent Laboratories testing their oils and making sure they are what they say they are.

It is the only company that has Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils sold in Australia, and these oils are so safe that you can ingest 80% of their oils, unlike most other companies. Thy are 50-70 times more potent than herbs and can work immediately in many cases, penetrating the skin in 30 seconds, going into the bloodstream and unlike most other medicines which don't enter the cell, these oils enter the cell membrane in just 30 minutes, unheard of in modern medicine. These oils also penetrate the blood/brain barrier, so they are very effective for emotional and spiritual healing as well as physical health, they have been used for centuries for skincare and anti-ageing as well as healing. For more information or a presentation contact us or look at these links:

 http://vimeo.com33338821  www.mydoterra.com/tonyboutros

Here are a few essential oils offered in Australia and their use:

Francinsense - one of the oils the wise men gave Jesus at his birth, one of the best oils on earth common uses, arthritis, mental fatigue, emotional health, moods, potent anti inflammatory, respitory issues, skin/ anti ageing, warts anti cancer

Lavender- sleep, tension, calming, allergies, boils, burns, itching, pain, skin, wrinkles

Lemon- coughs, depression, lifs moods,heavy metals, detox,disinfectant, grease,heartburn, stress.

Lemongrass- tissue repair, detox, air purification, cramps, joint injuries

Oregano- potent paratite cleanser, detox, immune system, anti fungal,anti bacteria, warts

Peppermint- headaches, indigestion, nausea, sinusitis

Some of the blends:

OnGuard- anti microbe, anti fungal, anti bacterial, immune boost

Breathe- sinuses, lungs,asthma, flu, cough

Digest zen, potent digestive aid, gluten intolerance, gastritis, heartburn, nausea, bloating

Slim & Sassy- weigh loss, control appetite

In Tune- ADHD, focus, concentration

Elevation/ Serenity- uplifting, anxiety, anger, depression, stress, tension

Immortal- anti ageing, wrinkles, skin, dry skin etc.

These are just a few of the range in the Doterra brand of essential oils sold in Australia, ask us a question online - or go to the website at www.mydoterra.com/tonyboutros.

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