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Compost Builder

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Compost builder/ available in 1 litre/ 5 ltrs or 20 litres

Compost Builder

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COMPOSTING FOR OUR FUTURE Everyone creates compostable waste at home or when working with the land and therefore is able to make a quality compost product to perpetuate the health of their plants, family, community or business. SoiLife Australia Compost Builder, applied to organic matter such as general green waste, animal manures, Bio-waste, fruit and vegetable scraps, fallen leaves, wood chip & leachates eliminates odour and creates an ideal minimal-turn ecosystem and a garden/farm ready product in less than conventional composting time. The elimination of odour is achieved by the beneficial microbes in the Compost Builder reducing the dominant microbial colonies that are responsible for creating the odour. This is your most valuable resource when purifying & repairing contaminated soils and rebuilding the life in your soil for optimum plant growth. SoiLife Australia Compost Builder is a concentrate - each litre combined with 10L of water will treat 3 cubic meters of compostable waste. The result is approximately 2.5 m3 of compost ready for use. THE BENEFITS ARE ENDLESS - LESS EFFORT FOR YOU, LESS TRAVELING AND INPUT EXPENSES, WONDERFUL HEALTHY GROWTH RESULTS AND YOU CAN HAVE THE SATISFACTION OF KNOWING THE ORIGIN AND QUALITY OF YOUR INGREDIENTS. We have a product size that suits your application - available in 1L - 1000Litre packs SOILIFE AUSTRALIA’S UNIQUE DISTINCTION SoiLife Australia Compost Builder has been formulated to anaerobically expediate a natural biological particle breakdown process. This approach assists in shortening the composting time period of a conventional aerobic process. Treated compost produces material for application for maximum performance in garden/crop/pasture or top dressing. We also provide environmental management services and ecological bundled microorganism products, which have been developed for all growing environments to build balanced, thriving ecosystems in which strength, productivity and nutrient density is maximised. All of our products have been subject to research and trialing, are non-harmful, non-pathogenic, non-genetically modified and not chemically synthesised. SOILIFE AUSTRALIA IS DEDICATED TO SUPPORTING THE SUSTAINABILE HEALTH OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION, OUR COMMUNITY AND THE ‘NATURAL ENVIRONMENT’, WHICH ALL DEPEND ON SOIL FOR SURVIVAL. On Farm Compost preparation Household Composting Due to production demand, there has been a steady decline in ‘soil life’, crop yield, vital nutrients in our food and farming profitability. Serious health implications caused by deficiency are now widely recognised - soil health translates to human health. The humus that is created by our formula in treated compost will assist in repairing soil structure, erosion & runoff, PH levels & permeability and convert stored trace minerals & nutrients in the humus, carbon & clay components of soil into a form that is available for plant assimilation, supporting maximum plant growth and health. SOIL THAT HAS BEEN ENRICHED WITH SOILIFE AUSTRALIA COMPOST BUILDER TREATED COMPOST WILL ASSIST TO:  Build sustained soil fertility for the growth of healthier, more nutrient-dense plants & food  Increase potential crop yield & sustainability to reduce input costs over time  Heighten plant immunity to pests & disease, minimising/eliminating chemical dependency  Process and safely release residues of chemical fertilizers and pesticides  Not require tillage, therefore saving on processing time/costs  Recover rapidly from trauma caused by wheel and foot traffic or cultivation  Have improved moisture retention and better insulate roots from temperature extremes  Amend soil hardpan to provide easier passage for earthworms, oxygen and plant roots  Facilitate the storage of carbon and reduce toxic emissions such as N2O, CO2, CH4  Encourage healthy home/urban gardening and restore native vegetation SOILIFE AUSTRALIA COMPOST BUILDER PROCESSES Compost decomposition periods depend upon substance particle size, temperature, moisture and Microbiological activity, or ‘soil life’. Treated compost temperatures will increase to 55 degrees or more, and if maintained for 25 days, the destruction of weed seeds, fly larvae and plant pathogens is achievable. On a hot day, a temperature of 68 degrees can be reached, decreasing decomposition time. Applying SoiLife Australia Compost Builder enables complex refuse particles, e.g. fats/oils to be processed faster -biological waste or effluent may be applied to Compost Builder treated green waste to produce compost in a shorter time period. Our products will also reduce/eliminate waste odour (H2S, NH4, etc.) and once applied, minimal turning is required, reducing labour and processing costs.

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