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Tony has had a passion for Natural health for 30 years, he began to read health books and also The Bible and found that The Bible had plenty to say about diet and health so he began researching whether this was scientific and fitted into our daily lifestyle, he found that these teachings were by far more advanced than any science about nutrition or anything else for that matter.Tony went to the US to do some massage and hydrotherapy courses with some nutrition, this was back in 1990, he came back to Australia to begin teaching what he learned, in 1995 he returned to the US to have a look at a few of their health centres, these centres were run by Doctors who followed the vegan lifestyle, there were many amazing results from following these programs.
They treated most Chronic diseases with great success, diseases such as cancer, heart disease , diabetes to name a few. It was a great experience to work with Doctors who believed in natural health, they taught me many things and I guess they learned a lot from me. Tony does ongoing research on the benefits of a plant based diet, soil nutrition/health, emotional and mental health and how that relates to our every day health and success, how stress effects our health, how spiritual health effects our health, how forgiveness and love can build your immune system, how the right growing and preparation of food is important to our wellbeing.
Tony runs workshops on how to get the nutrition back in the soil, workshops on diet, nutrition, emotional and mental health. Tony works with every client as an individual and doesn't give everyone a total plant diet, there is a little flexibility there to suit the client. Tony has had Naturopathic clinics in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Grafton, Beenleigh, Lismore, Tweed Heads and presently in Murwillumbah performing testing for hormones, neurotransmitters, blood analysis, urine, pH, adrenals, chemicals, nutrients and many more tests available. Tony also believes that lifestyle needs to be wholistic for true health such as oxygen, proper rest, prayer to your Creator, clean diet, exercise, temperance, cleanliness, living water, sunshine for vitamin D, all these principles effect our health in a huge way. Feel free to contact us at lifestream health for information or questions and feel free to read our articles. Blessings

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